Technology: Taking the Distance Out of Learning: New Directions for Teaching and Learning #94
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More About This Title Technology: Taking the Distance Out of Learning: New Directions for Teaching and Learning #94


There is a current of frustration among many faculty members, based in on feeling pressured to produce distance education. Yet others suggest that there is no excuse to "not" use the new available tools. These educators find that using technology intelligently will almost certainly extend both reach and results. But those frustrated ones might agree that the reach is extended but aren't so certain about the results. Understanding that one of the goals of a liberal education is also to openly debate and defend cultural assumptions, perhaps we need to perhaps come to terms with the explosion of technology that promises to change our educational paradigm. Faculty must view themselves as learners, along with students, using the new technologies together in an exploration and analysis of the world and its meaning.

This volume addresses the profound questions, and their implications, that stem from the tide of new technologies thrust into our lives. The narrative focuses on the educational arena, as it has become the emergent venue for conversations about technology. Rather than only dealing with instances of success or failure in classrooms, or contributing to theories about various applications of software and hardware, this book issue addresses technology, specifically the new computer technologies, as a new cultural symbol. These chapters should encourage participation in meaningful conversations about technology in general and how it effects affects education in particular.

This is the 94th issue of the quarterly journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning.