Savory Sweets: From Ingredients to Plated Desserts
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More About This Title Savory Sweets: From Ingredients to Plated Desserts


A new approach to flavor, ingredients, and techniques

"From a simple idea, Amy Felder has practically conceived a new category of dessert ideation. And her instructional skills, honed in classroom kitchens, allow her to convey this knowledge in a clear, systematic, and inspirational fashion."
--Peter Reinhart, author of The Bread Baker's Apprentice and The Whole Grain Revival: Mastering the Art of Whole Grain Breads

Traditionally, pastry chefs have worked mainly with a sweet flavor palette, leaving savory tastes and techniques to their culinary colleagues. Today, fusion cuisine promises new blends of the savory and sweet. For pastry chefs, this means a new world of flavor opportunities--as well as the need to integrate them into dynamic dishes and cooking practice.

The pastry chef's key to the culinary side of the kitchen, Savory Sweets offers a complete, systematic discussion of flavor, techniques, and ingredients, then puts the discussion into practice using specific plated desserts. Author, chef, and acclaimed teacher Amy Felder brings together the culinary and pastry realms, giving students and professional chefs a new, up-to-date approach to flavor. Though the book comes from a baking perspective, culinary chefs will also find the discussion of savory flavors and fusion cuisine extremely useful.

Savory Sweets is divided into four parts:

Vocabulary starts with a scientific explanation of taste, then establishes concepts of flavor and overall plate profileCulinary Skills looks at cooking methods other than baking and what they have to offer plated desserts; these techniques include sauce work and manipulation of textureIngredients examines an assortment of vegetables, herbs, spices, dairy products, and dry pantry products with regard to flavor and partner flavors for each ingredient; plated dishes showcasing each ingredient are also providedPlated Desserts applies the information from the previous three sections in the form of eight specific desserts, each with its individual personality, plate and flavor profiles, theme, and integration of pastry and culinary practice; recipes for all of the plates' components are included

Filled with helpful figures and brilliant color photographs, Savory Sweets offers advanced baking students a unique, sophisticated, and practical classroom text, while also providing professional chefs and culinary students with an organized and detailed approach to flavor.


Amy Felder is a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and is Associate Instructor at Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has won numerous accolades for her work in the Baking Department and has taught both the associate- and bachelor-level students for over eight years.



Part 1: Vocabulary of Flavor.

Chapter 1: The Nature of Taste.

Chapter 2: Flavor Profile.

Chapter 3: Plate Profile.

Part 2:Mechanics of Flavor.

Chapter 4: Cooking Methods and Culinary Techniques.

Chapter 5: Sauce Work.

Chapter 6: Texture and Flavor.

Part 3: Constituents of Flavor.

Chapter 7: Vegetables.

Chapter 8: Herbs and Spices.

Chapter 9: Dairy.

Chapter 10: Pantry Ingredients.

Part 4: Works of Flavor.

Chapter 11: Plated Desserts.