Educational Assessment: A Practical Introduction,1e
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More About This Title Educational Assessment: A Practical Introduction,1e


Following a practical approach, this book focuses on educational assessment as it is practiced today, in the actual world of classrooms, school systems, state departments, and national organizations. It first covers the basic concepts applicable to all types of assessment: statistical concepts, reliability, validity, and interpretive frameworks. Then it explores the preparation of teacher-made tests, standardized tests, and other important areas such as grading, legal issues, and evaluating one's own teaching.


Thomas P. Hogan teaches in the Education and Psychology Departments of the University of Scranton. Having written over 100 articles, presentations, papers, and chapters on educational measurement and assessment issues, he has also coauthored several widely used standardized and criterion-referenced assessment instruments. Dr. Hogan frequently serves as a consultant to school, state, and national organizations on assessment issues.




To the Students.

Chapter 1. Introduction: The World of Educational Assessment.

Chapter 2. Statistics: Just a Little Bit.

Chapter 3. Reliability: Stability of Performance.

Chapter 4. Validity: What the Test Measures.

Chapter 5. Norms and Criteria: Interpreting Student Performance.

Chapter 6. Planning for Assessment.

Chapter 7. Selected-Response Items: Multiple-Choice, True-False, Matching.

Chapter 8. Constructed-Response Items: Essays, Performances, Portfolios.

Chapter 9. Interests, Creativity, and Non-test Indicators.

Chapter 10. Administering and Analyzing Your Tests.

Chapter 11. Standardized Tests I: Achievement.

Chapter 12. Standardized Tests II: Ability, Interests, Personality.

Chapter 13. Grading and Reporting.

Chapter 14. Educational Assessment and the Law.

Chapter 15. Evaluating Teaching: Applying Assessment to Yourself.