Fee-Only Financial Planning: How To Make it Work for You
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Innovative Planning That Benefits Professionals and Clients

What does it take to be a successful fee-only financial planner? According to John Sestina, acclaimed "father of fee-only financial planning," the only special qualifications are a genuine desire to help people, an ability to listen, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Fee-Only Financial Planning introduces financial planners to the newest, fastest-growing niche in the financial planning field-fee for service rather than commission-based planning. Fee-only planning is attractive to the growing number of clients who want to avoid the long-term payments, lack of objectivity, limited choices, or conflict of interest that can occur with a commission-based payment structure.

In his comprehensive how-to guide and easy-to-use reference, John Sestina provides in-depth coverage of the financial planning field. He covers such topics as:
* The advantages and disadvantages of fee-only planning for both client and planner
* Making the transition from commission-based to fee-based planning
* Building a profitable practice with varied client bases
* Tailoring to your own work style the system Sestina developed over 35 years of successful private practice
* Developing and maintaining productive client relationships

For professionals wondering whether fee-only financial planning is in their future, or for anyone in financial services who wants to stay current, Fee-Only Financial Planning is an eye-opening introduction to one of the financial world's freshest, richest entrepreneurial careers.


JOHN E. SESTINA, CFP, ChFC, a financial planner in private practice since 1965, is nationally recognized as the father of fee-only financial planning. A popular speaker, he cofounded the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and its predecessor, the Society of Independent Financial Advisors. Mr. Sestina is President of John E. Sestina and Company and creator of The Sestina Network of Fee-Only Financial Planning Professionals.




Overview of Financial Planning.

Advantages of Fee-Only Planning.

Disadvantages of Fee-Only Planning.

Making the Transition.

Succeeding with the Small Client.

Establishing a System.

Developing Client Relationships.

How to Market and Survive in a Fee-Only Practice.

Structuring Your Office for Maximum Productivity.

Bringing in a Partner.


Appendix A: Confidential Questionnaire.

Appendix B: Second Set of Forms Needed.

Appendix C: Sample Worksheets.

Appendix D: Implementation Checklist.

Appendix E: Third Set of Forms Needed.

Appendix F: Client Master.