Understanding Baking: The Art and Science of Baking, Third Edition
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More About This Title Understanding Baking: The Art and Science of Baking, Third Edition


The essential-and accessible-guide to the science of baking
Baking is as much a science as an art. That's why, in addition to mastering basic techniques and recipes, every baker must also learn about the science that underlies the baking craft. Guided by contemporary baking and pastry research and practice, this new edition of Joseph Amendola's invaluable reference gives readers knowledge that they can apply to their own baking-whether it's selecting the right flour, understanding how different leavening agents work, or learning about using new baking ingredients and additives to enhance favorite recipes. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, Understanding Baking is an essential companion for anyone who is serious about baking.


Nicole Rees-Smith is a professional pastry chef, recipe developer, and food journalist for Chocolatier and Pastry Art Design magazines.


Acknowledgments v

Preface vii

CHAPTER 1 Wheat and Grain Flours 1

CHAPTER 2 Yeast and Chemical Leaveners 33

CHAPTER 3 Sugar and Other Sweeteners 47

CHAPTER 4 Eggs 65

CHAPTER 5 Fats and Oils 77

CHAPTER 6 Milk and Dairy Products 89

CHAPTER 7 Thickeners: Starches, Gelatin, and Gums 101

CHAPTER 8 Chocolate 113

CHAPTER 9 Water 129

CHAPTER 10 Salt 135

CHAPTER 11 The Physics of Heat 141

CHAPTER 12 Bread and Other Yeast-Risen Products 151

CHAPTER 13 Laminates 175

CHAPTER 14 Cake Baking 187

CHAPTER 15 Egg Cookery: Custards, Souffles, Meringues, Buttercream, and Pate a Choux 207

CHAPTER 16 Pies and Tarts 223

CHAPTER 17 Cookies 237

CHAPTER 18 Sugar Syrups and Candymaking 247

Appendix 259

High-Altitude Baking 259

Metric Conversions and Other Helpful Information 260

Weight-Volume Equivalents for Common Ingredients 262

Bibliography 267

Index 273