Simplified Irrigation Design, 2nd Edition
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The Second Edition of this best-selling academic guide toirrigation design has been completely rewritten so you canunderstand it easily. Created for the irrigation designer andinstaller, as well as students, Simplified Irrigation Designclearly explains irrigation design and related hydraulics, withoutthe need for interpretation by teachers. Each chapter builds on theother, presenting all the fundamentals of irrigation design beforegetting into the more complicated aspects of irrigation, suchas:
* basic hydraulics
* pipe sizing
* friction loss calculations
* determining water pressure.
Photos and illustrations show exactly how every concept and pieceof equipment works. In addition, you'll learn how to estimate costsand write specifications. Pipe sizes are described according toASTM to help you fully understand the limits of irrigation pipeuse. The expanded Second Edition of this popular guide to landscapeirrigation includes all the latest equipment and techniques. Just afew of the new features include:
* Methods of conserving water to help you anticipate your clients'environmental concerns
* Computerized methods for managing labor and irrigation systemsthat will help you save money on labor and water costs
* Metric values for every Imperial (U.S.) measurement, enabling youto meet federal metric guidelines and better communicate with aninternational audience.
Another bonus: the author has combed the minds of irrigationdesigners, contractors, and equipment manufacturers to help youavoid costly mistakes that even veterans make. Whether you're justlearning or brushing up on the latest technology, you'll want toread the Second Edition of Simplified Irrigation Design from coverto cover.


About the Author Pete Melby is Professor of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University. Mr. Melby is a past board member of the Arts Festival of Atlanta and was chairperson of Atlanta's Urban Wall Graphics. In addition, he has published widely and lectures regularly.


Partial table of contents:


Sprinkler Head Performance.

Types of Sprinkler Heads.

Determining Geographical Areas.

Sizing Irrigation Pipe.

Calculating Water Supply and Pressure.

Sizing Wire to Electric Valves.

Winterizing the Irrigation System.

Backflow Prevention.

Triangular Spacing of Sprinkler Heads.

Pipe Loops.

Installation Details.

Cost Estimating.

Making Solvent-Cemented Joints with PVC Pipe and Fittings.

As-Built Drawings.


Getting Acquainted with Drip Irrigation.

Drip Tube and Emitter Layout.

Drip Design Components.

Final Drip Design Considerations.


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