Creating Your Perfect Family Size: How to Make anInformed Decision About Having a Baby
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More About This Title Creating Your Perfect Family Size: How to Make anInformed Decision About Having a Baby


Answers to one of the most important decision a family can make

This groundbreaking book offers answers to crucial questions that have a large impact on family success and well-being. The author has been researching and treating couples for more than twenty years, addressing such critical issues as: When should you have kids? How many and why? Can you afford a family? What's the best interval between children's birth in a family? How does your work life influence how many kids to have? What's the impact of divorce, remarriage and blended families on the decision to have more kids? How does your family of origin, ethnicity, race, culture, and sexual preference influence the choices you have regarding these questions of number and spacing of childbirths.

  • Filled with common sense advice for the dilemmas most couples grapple with when starting a family
  • Based on solid research from a noted family therapist
  • Alan Singer has appeared on the Fox Morning News and MSNBC as well as being quoted in USA Today and The Huffington Post

Invaluable and fascinating, the book includes a wealth of self-tests that helps individuals to customize their own decision making based on their unique background and current situation.


Alan Singer, PhD, is a researcher and family therapist who's made it his life's work to study, treat, and advise couples who want to figure out how many children to have and when to have them.




1 Why Do You Want to Have Children?

2 When Is the Best Time for You to Have Children?

3 How Many Children Can Your Relationship Hold?

4 Small, Moderate, Large . . . What's Your Ideal Family Size?

5 How Do Old (and New) Family Traditions Affect Your Family Size?


Self-Tests: Family Size Choice.


Selected Resources.


About the Author.



As a licensed family therapist and eighth child in his family, Singer has the experience to guide couples in choosing whether and how many children to have. The essence of the book is a series of comprehensive self-assessment quizzes dealing with physical and mental health, financial situations, family background, and so forth. He guides couples in considering their ideal family size, the spacing of children, and the best time to have children, if at all. Singer skillfully fills a void in the literature on this topic without judgment, and would be of assistance to any individual or couple considering having children. (Library Journal, July 2011)