Jolts! Activities to Wake Up and Engage Your Participants
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Praise for Jolts!

"Only Thiagi and his co-author, Tracy, could have devised a list of 50 magical learning moments that are concise and certain to JOLT learners into new perspectives and profound insights. If you facilitate group learning or change management, you won't want to miss this one!"
Elaine Biech, author of Business of Consulting and Training for Dummies

"Give your training sessions a jump start with Jolt activities in less than 5 minutes. These easy-to-use creative techniques help learners gain instant insights. Not just session starters, this collection is a valuable addition to any trainer's bookshelf."
Jean Barbazette, president, The Training Clinic, and author of The Art of Great TrainingDelivery and Managing the Training Function for Bottom-Line Results

"As a Charter Member of BFT (Borrow from Thiagi) Club, I've been adapting Thiagi's training activities for decades. I have built college courses and training workshops around Thiagi and Tracy's jolts. Use the jolts from this book as a way to instantly and successfully engage your participants with your topic."
Steve Sugar, author of Games That Teach

Jolt|jolt|: a powerful training tool that will help you engage your participants and focus attention on your learning event.

Master trainer Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan and co-author Tracy Tagliati introduce a brand-new set of powerful training activities specially designed to get participants to sit-up, listen, and learn—to jolt them into a new level of participation, activity, and change.

The forty-seven games and activities in Jolts! are interactive and emotionally charged—carefully chosen for their ability to make participants think, and think differently.

When you really need to give your participants a powerful wake-up call, startle them into re-examining their assumptions and habitual practices, or encourage self-reflection, problem solving, and fresh perspectives—zap them with Jolts!


Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, Ph.D., is Resident Mad Scientist at the Thiagi Group, a Bloomington, Indiana–based organization with the mission of helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. Thiagarajan has published forty books, including Thiagi's 100 Favorite Games and Design Your Own Games and Activities (both from Pfeiffer), as well as numerous games, simulations, and articles.

Tracy Tagliati, CPLP, is a Senior Associate at the Thiagi Group, where she specializes in designing and delivering training to international clients. Prior to working with the Thiagi Group, Tracy was a corporate trainer for Mercury Insurance Group and Mindset development, a franchise of Crestcom International.


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Part 1 What Jolts Are and How to Use Them.

Chapter 1 What Are Jolts and How Can I Use Them?

Chapter 2 Story of a Jolt.

Chapter 3 Types of Jolts.

Chapter 4 Conducting Jolts.

Chapter 5 Facilitating Jolts.

Chapter 6 Debriefing Jolts.

Part 2 A Collection of Jolts.

Introduction to Part 2.

Jolt 1 Alliances.

Jolt 2 By the Numbers.

Jolt 3 Clock on the Ceiling.

Jolt 4 Dear John.

Jolt 5 Decode.

Jolt 6 Dollar Auction.

Jolt 7 Don't Lift the Pen.

Jolt 8 Double Talk.

Jolt 9 Double the Money.

Jolt 10 Draw a Hand.

Jolt 11 Draw a Tree.

Jolt 12 Ears for Smiley.

Jolt 13 Enjoy and Learn.

Jolt 14 Excited.

Jolt 15 First Touch.

Jolt 16 Free.

Jolt 17 Free Time.

Jolt 18 How Fast?

Jolt 19 How Many Squares.

Jolt 20 Last Week.

Jolt 21 Limits.

Jolt 22 Long Words.

Jolt 23 Me and My Team.

Jolt 24 Memory Test.

Jolt 25 Mingle.

Jolt 26 New Word.

Jolt 27 Newton.

Jolt 28 Next Action.

Jolt 29 Palm to Palm.

Jolt 30 Paper Money.

Jolt 31 Photo Analysis.

Jolt 32 Positive Spin.

Jolt 33 Psychic Cards.

Jolt 34 Say it in Sequence.

Jolt 35 Scrambled Words.

Jolt 36 equencing.

Jolt 37 hapes and Colors.

Jolt 38 Six Tiles.

Jolt 39 troop.

Jolt 40 ynchronized Clapping.

Jolt 41 eam Planning.

Jolt 42 eam Power.

Jolt 43 eamwork.

Jolt 44 he Training Story.

Jolt 45 Visualize.

Jolt 46 What's Funny?

Jolt 47 What's Measured?

Jolt 48 Wobegon.

Jolt 49 Workers and Watchers.

Jolt 50 Your Choice.

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