Knight's Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer: Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Integration, Analysis, and Reporting Services with Excel and
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More About This Title Knight's Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer: Leveraging Microsoft SQL Server Integration, Analysis, and Reporting Services with Excel and


A book-and-video introduction to Microsoft's Business Intelligence tools

If you are just starting to get a handle on Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) tools, this book and accompanying video provides you with the just the right amount of information to perform basic business analysis and reporting. You'll explore the components and related tools that comprise the Microsoft BI toolset as well as the new BI features of Office 2010. After a basic primer on BI and data modeling, the expert team of authors provides you with step-by-step lessons in the book and videos on the accompanying DVD on how to use SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel BI (including PowerPivot), and SharePoint.

Integrates instructional videos with each of the lessons found in the book to enhance your learning experienceExplores the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) toolset as well as the new BI features of Office 2010Encourages you to practice what you've learned in "Try It Out" sectionsContains video demonstrations that walk you through how to tackle each lesson featured in the book

With Knight's Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer, veteran authors present you with an ideal introductory book-and-video package so that you can get started working with the BI toolset immediately!/p

Note: As part of the print version of this title, video lessons are included on DVD. For e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed at using a link provided in the interior of the e-book.


Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, is the founder of Pragmatic Works. He is author of more than a dozen books.

Devin Knight is an author, consultant, and trainer with Pragmatic Works.

Adam Jorgensen is an author, trainer, consultant, and President of Pragmatic Works Consulting.

Patrick LeBlanc, SQL Server MVP, is a BI Architect, consultant, and trainer with Pragmatic Works.

Mike Davis is an author, developer, consultant, and trainer with Pragmatic Works.



Section I: Data Warehousing and Section I: Business Intelligence.

Lesson 1: Why Business Intelligence?

Lesson 2: Dimensional Modeling.

Lesson 3: Fact Table Modeling.

Section II: SQL Server Integration Services.

Lesson 4: Understanding SSIS.

Lesson 5: Using the Control Flow.

Lesson 6: Using the Data Flow.

Lesson 7: Solving Common SSIS Scenarios.

Lesson 8: Loading Dimensions.

Lesson 9: Loading a Fact Table.

Lesson 10: Deploying SSIS Packages.

Section III: SQL Server Analysis Services.

Lesson 11: Understanding SSAS.

Lesson 12: Configuring a Data Source and Data Source View.

Lesson 13: Using the Cube Wizard.

Lesson 14: Editing Your Dimension.

Lesson 15: Editing Your Cube.

Lesson 16: Add ing New Dimensions and Measure Groups.

Lesson 17: Using MDX.

Lesson 18: Creating Calculations.

Lesson 19: Data Mining.

Lesson 20: Administering the SSAS Instance.

Section IV: Reporting Services.

Lesson 21: Understanding SSRS.

Lesson 22: Using Report Wizard.

Lesson 23: Building a Matrix Report.

Lesson 24: Parameterizing Your Reports.

Lesson 25: Building Reports on Your Cube.

Lesson 26: Using Maps in Your Report.

Lesson 27: Building a Dashboard.

Lesson 28: Deploying and Ad ministering SSRS.

Lesson 29: New Reporting Services Visualizations — Sparklines, Data Bars, and Indicators.

Lesson 30: Using Report Builder.

Section V: Containers.

Lesson 31: Reporting against a Cube with Excel.

Lesson 32: Loading Data into a PowerPivot Workbook.

Lesson 33: Creating a PowerPivot Report.

Lesson 34: Data Mining in Excel.

Section VI: SharePoint.

Lesson 35: Understanding SharePoint for Business Intelligence.

Lesson 36: Deploying and Using Reporting Services in SharePoint 2010.

Lesson 37: Building PerformancePoint Dashboards in SharePoint 2010.

Lesson 38: Deploying and Using Excel Services.

Lesson 39: Deploying and Using PowerPivot in SharePoint.

Lesson 40: Managing SharePoint Business Intelligence.

Appendix: What's on the DVD?