The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development:Tools, Techniques, and Activities
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More About This Title The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development:Tools, Techniques, and Activities


The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development offers facilitators, human resource professionals, and consultants a wide-variety of tools and techniques for developing leadership competencies and characteristics. Drawing on research from such giants in the leadership field as Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard, James Kouzes, and Barry Posner, the book's thought-provoking activities are designed to create real and lasting behavior change.

"The Trainer's Handbook of Leadership Development features the proven activities and tools that will involve and inspire participants to develop the skills and characteristics that will equip them to lead us into the future. Karen has brought together a powerful collection of tools, competency models, exercises, and training necessary for developing leaders in today's workplace. I recommend this book for anyone who is implementing a leadership development program within their organization. It could easily be used to build the entire program from scratch."—Louis Carter, CEO, Best Practice Institute

"What a gem of a book Karen Lawson has written! Drawing on research by leadership gurus, Karen presents 45 competencies and characteristics critical to leadership excellence. She mines each of these facets for a solid definition and the significance of each. Although many authors shy away from discussing leadership qualities such as authenticity and empathy, Karen deals with them directly. She presents activities that future leaders can use to explore personal leadership qualities. This book is 24kt gold. If you are a leadership development professional, this book is sure to become your gold standard when searching for creative yet practical ways to help develop others into outstanding leaders of the future."—Elaine Biech, editor, The ASTD Leadership Handbook and author, The Business of Consulting

"Developing the complex skills of leadership is critical for personal and organizational success. If you are responsible for helping others build these skills, this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf—or maybe your desk—because you will use it often!"—Kevin Eikenberry, author, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time


Karen Lawson is a consultant, speaker, author, and founder and president of Lawson Consulting Group, Inc., specializing in organization and management development as well as executive coaching. She is a professor at Arcadia University in the International MBA program. She regularly presents at professional conferences in the United States, Asia, and Europe.


About the Author ix

1 introduction 1

2 leadership competencies and characteristics 5

3 designing a leadership development program 23

Chapter Three Activities A Checklist for Effective Leadership 31

Nature or Nurture? 33

Traits of Effective Leaders 34

Words to Lead By 36

4 increasing awareness—self and others 37

Chapter Four Activities Being Real 38

Developing Courage 40

Developing Cultural Intelligence 43

Doing It Differently 47

Do the Right Thing 49

Fired Up! 53

Heroes and Heroines 56

Living Your Values 59

Mirror, Mirror 64

Modeling the Way 68

Permission or Forgiveness? 71

Risk Attitudes Inventory 73

The Balancing Act 79

Values Collage 84

What Is It Like? 86

Who Am I? 91

5 communicating and influencing 97

Chapter Five Activities Active Listening Responses 98

Active Observation 101

Common Ground 103

Confl icting Agendas 109

Giving Feedback 114

Listening Self-Awareness Assessment 118

Mixed Messages 124

Picture This 130

The Art of Asking Questions 132

The Art of Infl uencing 135

What Do You Mean? 137

6 motivating and engaging 141

Chapter Six Activities Embracing Change 142

Empowering Others 144

Fair or Equal? 148

How to Present Change to Employees 150

Leading Change 155

Make Them Laugh 158

Showing Appreciation 162

Tell Me a Story 164

What Do Your Employees Value? 167

7 developing and managing 171

Chapter Seven Activities Applying Your Coaching Skills 172

Creating a Team Identity 175

Delegation Case Study 177

Delegating Effectively Self-Assessment 181

Delegation Process 185

Describing Behavior 192

Performance Management Skills Checklist 194

Stopping the Blame Game 198

Team Models 201

The Magic of Mentoring 205

What Do You Expect? 207

What Mentors Do 212

8 increasing leadership effectiveness 217

Chapter Eight Activities Bouncing Back 218

Distinguishing Behaviors 220

Employee Development Decisions 223

Figure It Out 227

Innovation or Creativity? 230

Into the Future 232

Making the Right Call 235

Networking Checklist 239

On Target 242

Setting Priorities 247

Things We Have in Common 250

Trust Me 252

References 255

Index 257