Origami Kit For Dummies
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Origami Kit For Dummies gives you all the material you need to get started in origami. Included in the kit is an expert guide book to origami, covering the different bases and techniques you need to create a huge variety of models. Illustrations and detailed instructions show you how to make 75 unique models, such as a frog, a settee, fantastic geometric shapes and even a festive Santa! There are also 25 sheets of 5x5" origami paper in five fun colours. So get folding, and show off your creations in style!
Discover How To:
* Get prepared to start folding
* Understand the international language of origami
* Fold all the basic bases
* Source your paper
* Design creations and draw your own diagrams
About the author
Nick Robinson is a professional origami artist, and has been "folding paper" for 25 years. He has been a member of the British Origami Society for over 20 years, and currently he edits their magazine, as well as maintaining their website.


Nick Robinson is a professional origami artist and author of several origami books. He has been a member of the British Origami Society for over 20 years.



Part I: Coming to the Crease: Basic Techniques

Chapter 1: Getting Started in Origami

Chapter 2: Drawing Diagrams and Getting Creative

Part II: Folding On: The Models

Chapter 3: Making Bases and Dividing the Paper

Chapter 4: Starting Simple 

Chapter 5: Making Moderately Tricky Models

Chapter 6: Puzzling Over Geometric Models

Chapter 7: Facing the Challenging Models

Part III: The Part of Tens

Chapter 8: Ten Top Tips 

Chapter 9: Ten Styles of Origami

Chapter 10: Ten Incredible Folders