Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories, 2E
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More About This Title Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories, 2E


Fully revised and updated! Full-color guide to capturing great wedding images and building a successful photography business

This full-color book from acclaimed professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson not only teaches you how to take memorable photos, it also shows you how to start a wedding photography business. Packed with great tips and savvy advice, this new edition helps you set up efficient workflows, choose camera equipment, manipulate images, make impressive presentations, and launch smart, photo-based marketing strategies to build your business. Best of all, it's loaded with new, superb photos that illustrate photography techniques.

  • Shows you how to set up and capture beautiful photos, posed or candid, in all kinds of settings, for weddings and other special events
  • Offers practical marketing strategies for building your own photography business, including how to build a fantastic Web site that attracts clients
  • Covers current camera equipment and accessories, post-shoot digital darkroom techniques, digital editing software, and how to print your images successfully
  • Gives you invaluable insights and tips from the author, who is one of the country's top wedding and special events photographers

Capture better pictures of some of life's most memorable events—and build a sucessful photography business—with this indispensable guide!


Glen Johnson borrowed his father's camera in sixth grade and began taking pictures. A travel enthusiast, he first pursued a career in landscape photography. But when photographing his sister's wedding, Glen discovered his dream job. Now he travels the world shooting wedding photos, recording memories for others, and making more of his own. View his work at




PART I: Understanding Digital Wedding Photography.

Chapter 1: The World of Wedding Photography.

Chapter 2: Developing Your Own Style.

Chapter 3: The Right Equipment for the Job.

Chapter 4: Camera Settings and Digital Exposure.

PART II: Wedding Photography Techniques and Concepts.

Chapter 5: Composing Your Art.

Chapter 6: Finding Beauty and Emotion in the Dressing Room.

Chapter 7: Shooting Outdoors.

Chapter 8: Shooting Indoors.

Chapter 9: Documenting the Ceremony.

Chapter 10: Capturing Candid Moments.

Chapter 11: Creating Romance in the Magic Hour.

Chapter 12: Jazzing Up the Reception.

PART III: The Business of Digital Wedding Photography.

Chapter 13: Creating Your Own Workspace.

Chapter 14: Digital Workflow: Getting Images from Camera to Client.

Chapter 15: Manipulating Your Images.

Chapter 16: Creating the Finished Product.

Chapter 17: Cracking the Secret Code: Breaking into the Business.

Chapter 18: Show Yourself: A Website of Your Own.

Chapter 19: Destination Weddings.

Appendix: How-To Gallery.