The Kimball Group Reader: Relentlessly PracticalTools for Data Warehousing and Businss Intelligence
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More About This Title The Kimball Group Reader: Relentlessly PracticalTools for Data Warehousing and Businss Intelligence


An unparalleled collection of recommended guidelines for data warehousing and business intelligence pioneered by Ralph Kimball and his team of colleagues from the Kimball Group.

Recognized and respected throughout the world as the most influential leaders in the data warehousing industry, Ralph Kimball and the Kimball Group have written articles covering more than 250 topics that define the field of data warehousing. For the first time, the Kimball Group's incomparable advice, design tips, and best practices have been gathered in this remarkable collection of articles, which spans a decade of data warehousing innovation.

Each group of articles is introduced with original commentaries that explain their role in the overall lifecycle methodology developed by the Kimball Group. These practical, hands-on articles are fully updated to reflect current practices and terminology and cover the complete lifecycle—including project planning, requirements gathering, dimensional modeling, ETL, and business intelligence and analytics.

This easily referenced collection is nothing less than vital if you are involved with data warehousing or business intelligence in any capacity.


Ralph Kimball, PhD, is the Founder of the Kimball Group and a leading visionary in the data warehouse industry.

Margy Ross is President of the Kimball Group and has focused exclusively on DW/BI solutions since 1982.


Introduction xxi

1 The Reader at a Glance 1

2 Before You Dive In 35

3 Project/Program Planning 69

4 Requirements Definition 113

5 Data Architecture 133

6 Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals 179

7 Dimensional Modeling Tasks and Responsibilities 209

8 Fact Table Core Concepts 233

9 Dimension Table Core Concepts 285

10 More Dimension Patterns and Case Studies 333

11 Back Room ETL and Data Quality 425

12 Technical Architecture Considerations 513

13 Front Room Business Intelligence Applications 589

14 Maintenance and Growth Considerations 651

Index of Articles 685

Index 693