The Essential Guide to RTI: An Integrated, Evidence-Based Approach
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More About This Title The Essential Guide to RTI: An Integrated, Evidence-Based Approach


A practical, hands-on guide that helps teachers fulfill the promise of RTI

Filled with practical tools and step-by-step guidelines, this book shows teachers how to implement RTI effectively. This valuable resource helps teachers assess a school's or classroom's readiness to begin the implementation process, and offers extensive resources to help educators identify appropriate screening and progress monitoring tools for students. DeRuvo provides dozens of effective research-based interventions and instructional strategies that teachers can implement immediately in their classrooms, and offers guidelines for selecting additional curricula and strategies to support students with diverse needs.

Includes easy and efficient progress monitoring strategies to measure RTI effectivenessWritten by veteran educator and active teacher trainer, Silva DeRuvoProvides helpful advice for effective collaboration between teachers

The book includes strategies for joint curriculum mapping, as well as for measuring student mastery of identified content area standards.


Silvia L. DeRuvo, M.A., is a special education resources development specialist for WestEd, a nonprofit research, development, and service agency working with education and other communities to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. DeRuvo teaches special education courses at Sacramento State University and speaks nationally on the topics of Response to Intervention, ADHD, and inclusion of special needs children. A past president of the California Association of Resource Specialists and Special Educators (CARS+), DeRuvo has twenty years' experience as a special educator. She is the author of Strategies for Teaching Adolescents with ADHD.


About This Book.

About WestEd.

The Author.


Introduction: Why RTI Now?

Part 1 Achievement for All: The Promise of RTI.

1 Core Principles and Practice of RTI.

2 Multi-Tiered Instruction and Interventions.

Part 2 Beyond Tier III.

3 Special Education Consideration.

4 Special Education Within the RTI Structure.

Part 3 Response to Intervention Process Steps.

5 Preparing for Implementation.

6 Evidence-Based Instructional Practices.

7 Standards Mapping and Curriculum Alignment.

8 Data-Driven Instruction.

9 Positive Behavior Supports.

10 Collaboration: The Key to Success.

Conclusion: Promising Achievement for All

Part 4.


Appendix A Response to Intervention Planning Questions: Assessing Current Programs.

Appendix B Tier Aligned RTI Readiness Tool.

Appendix C RTI Action Plan Draft Template.

Appendix D Evidence-Based Practices Check Sheet.

Appendix E Pacing Guide Tools.

Appendix F Tracking Student Learning.

Appendix G Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports Check Sheet.

Appendix H Collaboration Tools.