The Five Most Important Questions Self-AssessmentTool: Participant Workbook, Third Edition
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More About This Title The Five Most Important Questions Self-AssessmentTool: Participant Workbook, Third Edition


This transformational tool offers leaders a critical resource for better understanding their organizations and themselves, honing their skills to become accomplished long-range planners and strategic thinkers. By working through the Participant Workbook, leaders will gain the insight needed to plan for results, learn from customers and clients, and ascertain how to achieve extraordinary levels of performance. The Participant Workbook draws on Peter F. Drucker's The Five Most Important Questions and is grounded in his management philosophies that address the critical aspects that make organizations viable and valuable entities. When leaders answer these questions thoughtfully and address them with purpose, these questions take one down a path to organizational transformation and enlightenment.

By leveraging these essential questions, the Participant Workbook challenges leaders to take a close look at the very heart of their organization and what drives it, giving them a means to assess: how to be and how to develop quality, character, mind-set, values, and courage. Drucker's The Five Most Important Questions lead to spirited discussions and action, inspiring positive change and renewed focus.

Designed for today's busy professionals, this concise, clear, and accessible workbook for social sector, nonprofit, and socially minded business and government leaders can be used as preparation for a workshop, organizational self-assessment, or as a stand-alone leadership development tool for individuals looking to develop themselves and their organizations.

Praise for the Participant Workbook Self-Assessment Tool

"Time and again Drucker's The Five Most Important Questions have proven to be the most effective way for nonprofit organizations to conduct self-assessment and develop plans that will help them achieve real and lasting results."
Cathey Brown, founder and CEO, Rainbow Days, Inc., and 2001 Frances Hesselbein Community Innovation Fellow

"The Five Most Important Questions Self-Assessment Tool is a gift to the social leadership sector from the late management guru, Peter Drucker, and the Leader to Leader Institute. It makes incredible sense, it is easy to use, and lays the foundation for strategic planning."
Irv Katz, president and CEO, National Human Services Assembly

"A must-read for social entrepreneurs who are seeking to dramatically grow their organization's impact without losing sight of the heart of their mission."
Iris Y. Chen, president and CEO, "I Have A Dream" Foundation

"High-performing organizations and individuals know that self-assessment through Drucker's The Five Most Important Questions is the starting point for defining today and making tomorrow."
Lee H. Igel, assistant professor, New York University, and president, Peter F. Drucker Society of New York City

"This nuts-and-bolts guide has become my compass for urging leaders and managers to ask the right questions, to look beyond what they thought they knew, and to focus on being relevant tomorrow rather than resting on yesterday's achievements."
Lieutenant Commander Carla J. Grantham [U.S. Coast Guard, Retired], Congressional Liaison for Diversity Recruitment and Talent Management, U.S. Coast Guard


Peter F. Drucker is known as the "father of modern management," and is a best-selling author of thirty-two books including the best-seller The Effective Executive. He is world-renowned thinker on leadership and management and his work has been featured in every major business periodical. A consultant to senior executives for more than fifty years Drucker passed away in 2005. Since Drucker's death, interest in him, his concepts and his books has only grown. His ideas continue to be as relevant today as they were when he first voiced them.

First established as the Peter F. Drucker Foundation, the Leader to Leader Institute's mission is to strengthen the leadership of the social sector. In collaboration with its partners in the private and public sectors, the Institute furthers its mission by providing leaders with the essential leadership wisdom from all sectors and the resources needed to lead for innovation and to build vibrant organizations.


Foreword (Frances Hesselbein).

About Peter F. Drucker.

How to Use This Workbook.

Self-Assessment: The First Action Requirement of Leadership.

Question 1: What Is Our Mission?

Worksheet 1.1: What Is Our Current Mission?

Worksheet 1.2: Does Our Mission Need to Be Revisited?

Worksheet 1.3: What Are the Emerging Trends That Will Have the Greatest Impact?

Worksheet 1.4: What Are Our Opportunities?

Question 2: Who Is Our Customer?

Worksheet 2.1: Who Are Our Primary and Supporting Customers?

Worksheet 2.2: How Will Our Customers Change?

Worksheet 2.3: Are We Serving the Right Customers?

Question 3: What Does the Customer Value?

Worksheet 3.1: What Do Our Customers Value?

Worksheet 3.2: What Knowledge Do We Need to Gain from Our Customers?

Worksheet 3.3: How Will We Gather Information?

Question 4: What Are Our Results?

Worksheet 4.1: How Do We Defi ne Results?

Worksheet 4.2: How Do We Measure Results?

Worksheet 4.3: How Can We Improve Our Performance?

Question 5: What Is Our Plan?

Worksheet 5.1: What Is Our Mission?

Worksheet 5.2: What Are Our Goals?

Worksheet 5.3: What Is Our Plan to Achieve Results for the Organization?

Worksheet 5.4: How Will We Communicate Our Mission, Plan, and Results?


Glossary of Terms.


About Frances Hesselbein.