Rattiner's Review for the CFP(R) Certification Examination, Fast Track, Study Guide Third Edition
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More About This Title Rattiner's Review for the CFP(R) Certification Examination, Fast Track, Study Guide Third Edition


The proven CFP Study Guide that delivers just what you need to succeed!

A quick-study guide for candidates preparing to take the CFP Certification Examination, Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination distills the bare-bones essentials you need to know to pass this challenging exam, all in a logical and easy-to-absorb manner.

This indispensable study tool for students who have already been through traditional CFP educational programming—and just need a little extra help pulling it all together—provides a no-nonsense approach to studying for some of the most important disciplines of financial planning, including: PFP, insurance, employee benefit, investments, income tax, retirement, and estate planning. Each discipline contains short and concise statements emphasizing key points through mnemonic devices, study tips, and other established test-taking methods that provide helpful hints.

Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination, Third Edition has been thoroughly updated to include:

  • Reviews from recent CFP Exam students who compare the CFP Board curriculum to this Third Edition, ensuring that all topics are covered adequately
  • New, easy-to-follow flowcharts at the beginning of each chapter highlight the macro level perspective of each subject discipline
  • Basic calculator keystrokes for investment math, retirement, life, and education needs analysis, and other important calculations
  • New multiple-choice questions as well as new charts and tables for quick memorizations
  • New acronyms to help put things into a simplified perspective and help students tie back to the big picture flowchart

Perfect as a quick-reference guide to complement all CFP texts and self-study materials, it also serves as an important one-stop resource for financial services professionals who want information in a hurry.

Stay organized, on track, and focused with Rattiner's Review for the CFP® Certification Examination, Third Edition.


Jeffrey H. Rattiner, a leader in the Certified Financial Planning field, is a provider of CFP training courses and author of eight books on CFP, including the bestseller Getting Started as a Financial Planner, published by Bloomberg. Rattiner is a recognizable name in the financial industry whose live training program, "Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track", is¿one of the leading full- course CFP exam training, nationwide. He works with many large financial services organizations, is a frequent industry speaker, has been named to the CPA All-Stars in Personal Financial Planning as reported in CPA Magazine, and has been quoted in many trade and consumer publications.



Chapter 1 General Principles of Financial Planning.

Chapter 2 Insurance Planning and Risk Management.

Chapter 3 Employee Benefits Planning.

Chapter 4 Investment Planning.

Chapter 5 Income Tax Planning.

Chapter 6 Retirement Planning.

Chapter 7 Estate Planning.