A Votre Tour! Intermediate French, Second Edition
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More About This Title A Votre Tour! Intermediate French, Second Edition


The main objective of À votre tour! is to bring readers to a level where they can comfortably express themselves on a variety of French and francophone topics. Avoiding the excessive rigor of most intermediate texts, À votre tour! immerses readers in authentic language and cultural contexts to achieve three key objectives: to build and reinforce oral and written communication skills, to develop reading skills and cultural awareness, and to forge a strong linguistic base.


Unite 1 Au jour le jour.

Unite 2 Soyons utiles!

Unite 3 Vive la nature!

Unite 4 Aspects de la vie quotidienne.

Unite 5 Bon voyage!

Unite 6 Sejour en France.

Unite 7 La forme et la sante.

Unite 8 En ville.

Unite 9 Les relations personnelles.

Unite 10 Vers la vie active.