Canon Powershot Digital Field Guide
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With this book and your Canon PowerShot, taking pictures becomes a lot more fun! The Quick Tour gets you familiar with all the settings and menus on your G, S, TX, A, or SD-series camera, so you can start shooting. Then spend some time exploring tips for getting super shots in dozens of situations, using manual settings for greater control, and telling a story with your photos. Finally, learn the best ways to download, edit, and print your pictures.


Michael Guncheon is a contributing editor for PCPhoto magazine and author of its venerable and very popular HelpLine column. He is also a columnist and technical editor for HDVideoPro magazine. His photographs have appeared in numerous publications.




Quick Tour.

Part I: Using Your Canon PowerShot Camera.

Chapter 1: Exploring the PowerShot Cameras.

Chapter 2: Navigating Your PowerShot Camera.

Chapter 3: Getting the Most Out of Your PowerShot Camera.

Part II: Creating Great Images with Your Canon PowerShot.

Chapter 4: The Fundamentals of Photography.

Chapter 5: Accessories.

Chapter 6: Capturing Great Images.

Chapter 7: Downloading, Editing, and Outputting.

Chapter 8: Using the Video Feature.

Part III: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Online Resources.




"...makes good use of accessible non-technical language throughout." (Business Network, August 2008)