Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Bible
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Adele Droblas is an artist. For more information about Adele, go to

Seth Greenberg is a computer consultant, programmer, and author. He has worked as an interactive project manager, television producer, and scriptwriter.


Premiere Pro Quick Start.

Part I: Getting Started with Premiere Pro.

Chapter 1: Premiere Pro Basics.

Chapter 2: Customizing Premiere Pro.

Chapter 3: Working with Project Settings.

Chapter 4: Capturing Video and Audio.

Part II: Editing with Premiere Pro.

Chapter 5: Timeline, Sequences, and Clip Management.

Chapter 6: Basic Editing with the Source Monitor and Timeline Panels.

Chapter 7: Editing Audio.

Chapter 8: Mixing and Creating Effects with the Audio Mixer.

Chapter 9: Creating Transitions.

Part III: Working with Type and Graphics.

Chapter 10: Creating Titles and Graphics with Title Designer.

Chapter 11: Creating Type and Graphic Effects with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Part IV: Advanced Techniques and Special Effects.

Chapter 12: Working with Advanced Editing Techniques.

Chapter 13: Using Video Effects.

Chapter 14: Superimposing.

Chapter 15: Using Color Mattes and Backdrops.

Chapter 16: Creating Motion Effects.

Chapter 17: Enhancing Video.

Part V: Outputting Digital Video.

Chapter 18: Exporting to DVD, MPEG, AVI, and QuickTime.

Chapter 19: Outputting to the Web and Intranets.

Chapter 20: Exporting to the Web and Mobile Devices.

Chapter 21: Exporting to Videotape, Hi-8 Tape, and Film.

Chapter 22: Using Flash and Flash Video.

Chapter 23: Outputting to CD-ROM and Macromedia Director.

Part VI: Premiere Pro and Beyond.

Chapter 24: Editing Audio with Adobe Audition.

Chapter 25: Using Adobe Soundbooth with Premiere Pro.

Chapter 26: Using Adobe Encore to Create DVDs.

Chapter 27: Customizing DVD Screens and Navigation in Adobe Encore DVD.

Chapter 28: The Photoshop Connection.

Chapter 29: Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator.

Chapter 30: Introduction to After Effects.

Chapter 31: Working with Masks in Adobe After Effects.

Chapter 32: Adding Special Effects in Adobe After Effects.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: What’s on the DVD.

Appendix B: Places to Visit on the Web.

Appendix C: The Digital Video Recording Studio.