Canon EOS Digital Photography Photo Workshop
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Serge timacheff is the official photographer for theInternational Fencing Federation. He has photographed world championships and the Summer Olympics, and his digital studio provides portrait, commercial, and event photography. He is coauthor of Digital Sports Photography and Total Digital Photography: The Shoot-to-Print Workflow Handbook.


CHAPTER 1: Building a Photography System.

What is a Photography System?

Canon System Overview.

Personal Photography Systems.

Building Your Photography System.

Choosing the Gear That’s Right for You.

CHAPTER 2: Choosing and Using a Canon Digital SLR.

Considerations for Buying a Canon Digital SLR.

What Resolution is Right for You?

Technologies and Features Common to Canon dSLRs.

Looking at the Canon dSLR Lineup.

Exploring Different Image Sensor Sizes.

Crop Factor.

What Difference Does Frame Rate Make?

Getting the Most from Your Canon DSLR.

CHAPTER 3: Lens Basics.

Building the Backbone of Your System.

Learning the Basics of Lenses.

Exploring Focusing Options.

Considering the Depth of Field Factor.

Tips for Shopping for Lenses.

CHAPTER 4: The Science of Lenses.

How Lenses Work.

How the Lens Communicates with the Camera.

Canon Lens Technologies.

Focal Length and Aperture Effects.

What Makes a Lens Good?

What is an MTF Chart?

CHAPTER 5: Understanding Lens Characteristics.


Lens Flare.

Chromatic Aberration.

Moiré Patterns.

False Colors.


Evaluating Color and Contrast.

Pincushioning and Barrel Distortion.


CHAPTER 6: Choosing and Using Lenses.

Zoom versus Prime Lenses.

Fast versus Slow Lenses.

L Series Lenses.

Canon Lenses.

Wide-Angle Lenses.

Normal Lenses.

Telephoto Lenses.

Macro Lenses.

Tilt-and-Shift Lenses.

CHAPTER 7: Lens Accessories and Care.

Extend the Range of L Series Lenses.

Consider a Close-up Lens.

Consider a Filter.

Consider a Tripod Mount for Specialty Lenses.

Filters Worth Considering.

Using Lens Hoods.

Cleaning and Storing Lenses.

CHAPTER 8: Flash Basics and More.

How ETTL II Technology Works to Your Advantage.

Built-in Flash Techniques.

Canon’s Speedlite Lineup.

Other Flash Equipment.

Exploring Canon Speedlite Flash Capabilities.

Using Multiple Wireless Speedlites.

Shooting Macro Images with a Flash.

CHAPTER 9: Integrated Workflow with Your Canon dSLR.

Workflow:The Foundation of Great Photography.

Image Storage and Backup: On the Road and in the Studio.

Managing and Archiving Photos.

Getting and Keeping the Highest Image Quality.

Canon’s Digital Photo Professional.

CHAPTER 10: Camera Care and Sensor Cleaning.

Knowing and Avoiding the Five Things That Damage Your Camera Gear.

Cleaning Your Sensor.

Keeping Your Equipment in Top Condition.

CHAPTER 11: The Business of Photography: Q & A.

Gearing Up.

Showing Off Your Work.

Business Details.

APPENDIX A: Resources.

APPENDIX B: Additional Canon dSLR Accessories.