Diversity Mosaic: The Complete Resource for Establishing a Successful Diversity Initiative
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More About This Title Diversity Mosaic: The Complete Resource for Establishing a Successful Diversity Initiative


If you're really serious about creating diversity in the workplace, Diversity Mosaic is the groundbreaking, comprehensive resource for developing and implementing a systemic, lasting, and measurable diversity initiative in any organization. The resource includes proven, step-by-step guidance, worksheets, manager, and employee training workbooks; organizational assessments, 360-degree feedback observer forms, and scoring sheets; and copies of Managing Diversity and Diversity Mosaic Participant Workbooks.

You'll discover the six-step Diversity Enhancement Process and the principles upon which a solid initiative can be built:

Step 1: Senior Leaders Initiate a Diversity Effort
Step 2: Assess the Current Situation
Step 3: Create a Vision, Goals, Plan, and Budget
Step 4: Design Diversity Improvement Processes
Step 5: Mobilize People's Commitment
Step 6: Reassess and Reward

You'll also master the Five Cornerstone concepts which fit together like puzzle pieces to give you a strong and unshakable approach to creating lasting inclusion. The Five Cornerstones are:

Cornerstone 1: The Diversity Enhancement Process
Cornerstone 2: The Inclusive Definition of Diversity
Cornerstone 3: The Business Case for Diversity
Cornerstone 4: The Cultural Competence Scorecard
Cornerstone 5: The Diversity Adoption Curve

Order today and get all the tools, templates, and techniques you need to create a truly inclusive organization that values diversity.


Tina Rasmussen, Ph.D., draws on more than twenty years experience directing organizational effectiveness departments and initiatives for a variety of industries and organizations, from small non-profits to the Fortune 100. Thousands of diversity change agents worldwide have used her method for creating truly inclusive organizations that value diversity.


“Dr. Rasmussen’s guide has been the blueprint for changing our organization. The six-step process outlined in this book equips the ‘diversity champion’ with the tools and tips necessary to bring about systemic change in any kind of organization. A must-have for anyone tasked with raising cultural competence in the workplace.”--Catherine Clagett, human resource director, Yosemite National Institutes



  “I have been using this resource guide by Dr. Tina Rasmussen in my organization for the past several years, with wonderful results. We recently were recognized for our progress in developing cultural competence and changing the climate of our agency, largely as a result of following the six-step change process outlined in this book.”-- David Thornton, CEO, YMCA of the Santa Clara Valley, CA, chair, National Diversity Steering Committee, YMCA of the USA



“This book is a gift to Diversity Champions everywhere!  Finally a guide that takes a systematic view of implementing Diversity in an organization, as well as providing all the tools and techniques necessary to do so.  Dr. Rasmussen has provided an invaluable resource that will help practitioners successfully take their Diversity initiatives to the next level.”--Janet Winters Smith, Senior Advisor—Global Diversity, ChevronTexaco



“So many individuals and organizations are committed to diversity and organizational change, yet have little idea where to begin and how to proceed.  Help is here at last with Dr. Rasmussen's clear, comprehensive and stepwise stewardship.”--Jeffrey M. Ring, Ph.D., Director of Behavioral Sciences, WhiteMemorialMedicalCenter


“This book is a must-read for any organization that desires to be sensitive to an ever-changing world. I recommend it highly.”--Dennis Fair, RA, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.



“Tina Rasmussen provides a comprehensive, yet practical framework for enhancing organizational performance and leadership effectiveness through diversity.  She addresses competencies critical to companies for competing in the 21st Century global economy.”

--Michael L. Wheeler, President, OEStrategies Inc.