Reviews in Modern Astronomy V23 - Zooming in -The Cosmos at High Resolution
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More About This Title Reviews in Modern Astronomy V23 - Zooming in -The Cosmos at High Resolution


High resolution is a key element in research in astronomy and cosmology.
Advances in instrumentation and new methods are enabling us to constantly make new exciting discoveries, and progress in theoretical modelling allows us to gain a deeper understanding of cosmic physics.
One example of this progress in instrumentation and observing strategy have made possible the discovery of a rich population of low-mass planets orbiting solar-type stars (Michel Mayor et al., Karl Schwarzschild Lecture 2010).
This 23rd volume in the series Reviews of Modern Astronomy contains 14 invited reviews and highlight contributions presented during the 2010 annual meeting of the Astronomical Society on the topic "Zooming in: The cosmos at high resolution", held in Bonn, Germany, in September 2010.


Regina v. Berlepsch studied Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. After finishing her studies, she worked as scientific assistant at the central institute for astrophysics (ZIAP) in Potsdam.
Since 1992, she is leading the scientific documentation center of the Astrophysical Institute in Potsdam (AIP).


Michel Mayor, Christophe Lovis, Francesco Pepe, D.Sègransan and Stèphane Udry "The road to Earth Twins"
Karl Schwarzschild Lecture 2010

Maryam Modjaz, "Stellar forensics with the Supernova-GRB connection";
Ludwig-Biermann Award Lecture 2010

Hans Moritz Günther, "Accretion, jets and winds: High-energy emission from young stellar objects";
Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture 2010

Wolfgang Hillebrandt, "The physics and astrophysics of supernova explosions"

Karlheinz Langanke, "The facility for antiproton and ion research. A new era for supernova dynamics and nucleosynthesis"

Sebastian Wolf, "Characteristic structures in circumstellar disks - potential indicators of embedded planets"

Andreas Brunthaler, M. J. Reid, K. M. Menten, X.-W. Zheng, A. Bartkiewicz, Y. K. Choi, T. Dame, K. Hachisuka, K. Immer, G. Moellenbrock, L. Moscadelli, K.L.J. Rygl, A. Sanna, M. Sato,Y. Wu, Y. Xu and B. Zhang;
"The bar and spiral structure legacy (BeSSeL) survey: Mapping the Milky Way with VLBI astrometry"

Nadya Ben Bekhti, B. Winkel, P. Richter, J. Kerp, U. Klein; "On the origin of gaseous galaxy halos -
Low-column density gas in the Milky Way halo"

Chris Carilli; "Radio studies of galaxy formation: Dense Gas History of the Universe"

L.E. Kristensen and Ewine F. van Dishoeck; "Water in star-forming regions with Herschel"

Sarah L. Martell, "Light-element abundance variations in globular clusters"

Marta Volonteri and J Bellovary, "Massive black holes and the evolution of galaxies"

Martin Pohl, "High-energy astrophysics"

Thomas Preibisch, "Star formation at High Resolution, Zooming into the Carina nebula, the nearest laboratory of massive Star feedback"

Sebastian Wolf, "Characteristic structures in circumstellar disks -
Potential indicators of embedded planets"