MALDI MS - A Practical Guide to Instrumentation,Methods and Applications 2e
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More About This Title MALDI MS - A Practical Guide to Instrumentation,Methods and Applications 2e


This authoritative book on MALDI MS, now finally available in its second edition and edited by one of its inventors, gives an in-depth description of the many different applications, along with a detailed discussion of the technology itself.
Thoroughly updated and expanded, with contributions from key players in the field, this unique book provides a comprehensive overview of MALDI MS along with its
possibilities and limitations.
The initial chapters deal with the technology and the instrumental setup, followed by chapters on the use of MALDI MS in protein research (including proteomics), genomics, glycomics and lipidomics. The option of MALDI-MS for the analysis of polymers and small molecules are also covered in separate chapters, while new to this edition is a section devoted to the interplay of MALDI MS and bioinformatics.
A much-needed practical and educational asset for individuals, academic institutions and companies in the field of bioanalytics.


Franz Hillenkamp is Professor Emeritus at the University of Münster, Germany. He holds a MS degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University, USA, and a PhD from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Before he was appointed Professor of Biophysics and Medical Physics at Münster in 1986, he held a professorship at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. During the 1980s,
he developed the now world famous MALDI technique that was later on shown to be highly useful for the analysis of biomolecules. For his ground-breaking work on mass spectrometry methods, Professor Hillenkamp has received numerous awards, among them the Thomson Medal of the Mass Spectrometry Society, the Fresenius Medal of the German Chemical Society, and the Bergman Medal of the
Swedish Chemical Society.

Jasna Peter-Katalinic is Professor at the University of Rijeka, Croatia, and former Associate Professor of Biophysics at the University of Münster, Germany. She was
born and educated in Zagreb, Croatia, and obtained her PhD in chemistry at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. After the postdoc time at the Texas A+M University, USA, she obtained the habilitation in physiological chemistry from the University of Bonn, Germany. She pioneered the introduction of modern mass
spectrometric methods to structural glycobiology/ glycomics, as described in more than 250 publications. Her current interests are in the Human Glycoproteome Initiative and Nanobioanalytics. She was the first recipient of the Life Science Award from the German Society of Mass Spectrometry in 2002.


The MALDI Process and Method (Franz Hillenkamp, Thorsten Jaskolla, Michael Karas)
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation (Peter B. O'Connor, Klaus Dreisewerd, Kerstin Strupat, Franz Hillenkamp)
MALDI-MS in Protein Chemistry and Proteomics (Karin Hjernø, Ole N. Jensen)
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging (Bernhard Spengler)
Analysis of Nucleic Acids and Practical Implementations in Genomics and Genetics (Stefan Berkenkamp, Dirk van den Boom, Daniele Fabris)
MALDI-MS of Glycans and Glycoconjugates (Helene Perreault, Erika Lattova, Dijana Sagi, Jasna Peter-Katalinic)
Lipids (Jürgen Schiller, Beate Fuchs)
MALDI-MS for Polymer Characterization (Liang Li)
Small-Molecule Desorption/Ionization Mass Analysis (Lucinda H. Cohen, Fangbiao Li, Eden P. Go, Gary Siuzdak)
Computational Analysis of High Throughput MALDI-TOF-MS Based Peptide Profiling (Thang V. Pham, Connie R. Jimenez)
Biotyping of Microorganisms (Markus Kostrzewa)