Faith-Based Management: Leading Organizations That Are Based on More than Just Mission
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More About This Title Faith-Based Management: Leading Organizations That Are Based on More than Just Mission


The First and Only Complete Guide to Successfully ManagingFaith-Based Organizations Faith-Based Management Written by aleading international expert on faith-based management, this bookdescribes proven management strategies and techniques developed atsome of the world's most successful places of worship andfaith-based service organizations. It also supplies you with acomplete action plan for quickly implementing them in yourorganization. Peter Brinckerhoff begins by exploring the uniquechallenges faced by managers of faith-based organizations. He thenidentifies the seven key characteristics of a successfulfaith-based organization and provides you with clear,easy-to-follow guidelines on how to:
* Assess and examine your organization's strengths andweaknesses
* Clearly define staff roles and responsibilities
* Delegate, evaluate, discipline, and motivate paid staff
* Find, train, motivate, and hold on to top-notch volunteers
* Generate budgets and financial reports and implement financialcontrols
* Improve your leadership skills
* Conduct sophisticated, cost-effective marketing compaigns thatwork
* Create strategic, business, and marketing plans
"Brinckerhoff has captured the essence of faith-based management inhis latest book. He has successfully integrated proven managementconcepts and ideas with the spiritual mission that distinguishesfaith-based organizations. A must-read for volunteers and staff."--Dana R. Todsen, ACFRE President and CEO Baptist HealthFoundation, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama "Faith-Based Management is aconcise, accurate, and practical book. It will be a very helpfulresource for leaders who are trying to unite faith and mission intoday's world." --The Reverend Dr. John R. Buzza Hope PresbyterianChurch and Community Ministry Center Springfield, Illinois"Faith-Based Management offers the fourth important contribution inPeter Brinckerhoff's management series for not-for-profitexecutives. If mission, finance, and marketing are important tonot-for-profits' success, core values and beliefs are essential tothe faith-based not-for-profits' very existence. Peter once againchallenges and provokes thoughtful reflection while providing thereader with a pragmatic prescription for improving the overallmanagement of the faith-based organization. He challenges each ofus to accept full responsibility for carrying out God's work. Heshows us a way." --Reid S. Thebault President and CEO YMCA ofMetropolitan Detroit


PETER C. BRINCKERHOFF is President of Corporate Alternatives, inc., a consulting firm specializing in not-for-profit management which he founded in 1982. In addition to his twenty years as a consultant, Mr. Brinckerhoff has served as a staff member, executive director, board member, and volunteer for local, state, and national not-for-profit organizations. Since 1982, he has become an internationally acclaimed consultant and lecturer on nonprofit and faith-based management. He is the author of more than 70 articles which have appeared in the nonprofit press and of three previous books that are currently used as core texts in 50 under-graduate and graduate programs around the world. Two of his books--Mission-Based Management (Wiley) and Financial Empowerment (Wiley)--were awarded the Nonprofit Management Association's prestigious Terry McAdam Award for the year's best new nonprofit publication.


The Special Calling of the Faith-Based Organization.

The Characteristics of a Successful Faith-BasedOrganization.

The Duties of Staff and Board.

Staff Management.

Financial Stewardship.

Leadership in the Faith-Based Organization.

Faith-Based Marketing.

Vision and Planning.

Getting the Most From Your Volunteers.

Final Thoughts.

Resources for Further Study.