A Companion to the Ancient Novel
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More About This Title A Companion to the Ancient Novel


This companion addresses a topic of continuing contemporary relevance, both cultural and literary.

  • Offers both a wide-ranging exploration of the classical novel of antiquity and a wealth of close literary analysis
  • Brings together the most up-to-date international scholarship on the ancient novel, including fresh new academic voices
  • Includes focused chapters on individual classical authors, such as Petronius, Xenophon and Apuleius, as well as a wide-ranging thematic analysis
  • Addresses perplexing questions concerning authorial expression and readership of the ancient novel form
  • Provides an accomplished introduction to a genre with a rising profile


Shannon N. Byrne is Professor of Classics at Xavier University.

Edmund P. Cueva is Professor of Classics and Humanities at the University of Houston-Downtown. Together, they have coedited several books, including of Authors, Authority and Interpreters in the Ancient Novel: Essays in Honor of Gareth L. Schmeling (with J. Alvares, 2006), Longus: Text, Commentary and Vocabulary (2005), and Humor and Classical Literature (2002).


Notes on Contributors viii

Introduction 1
Edmund P. Cueva and Shannon N. Byrne

Part I Novels and Authors 11

a. Greek 12

1 Chariton: Individuality and Stereotype 13
Graham Anderson

2 Daphnis and Chloe: Innocence and Experience, Archetypes and Art 26
Jean Alvares

3 Xenophon, The Ephesian Tales 43
James N. O’Sullivan

4 Achilles Tatius, Sophistic Master of Novelistic Conventions 62
Kathryn S. Chew

5 Heliodorus, the Ethiopian Story 76
Marília P. Futre Pinheiro

b. Roman 95

6 Petronius, Satyrica 96
Heinz Hofmann

7 Apuleius’ The Golden Ass: The Nature of the Beast 119
Paula James

8 Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri 133
Giovanni Garbugino

c. Related 146

9 The Other Greek Novels 147
Susan Stephens

10 Hell-bent, Heaven-sent: From Skyman to Pumpkin 159
Barry Baldwin

11 The Novel and Christian Narrative 180
David Konstan and Ilaria Ramelli

Part II Genre and Approaches 199

12 The Genre of the Novel: A Theoretical Approach 201
Marília P. Futre Pinheiro

13 The Management of Dialogue in Ancient Fiction 217
Graham Anderson

14 Characterization in the Ancient Novel 231
Koen De Temmerman

15 Liaisons Dangereuses: Epistolary Novels in Antiquity 244
Timo Glaser

16 The Life of Aesop (rec.G): The Composition of the Text 257
Consuelo Ruiz-Montero

Part III Influences and Intertextuality 273

17 Reception of Strangers in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses: The Examples of Hypata and Cenchreae 275
Stavros Frangoulidis

18 From the Epic to the Novelistic Hero: Some Patterns of a Metamorphosis 288
Luca Graverini

19 Roman Elegy and the Roman Novel 300
Judith P. Hallett and Judith Hindermann

20 Apuleius’ Metamorphoses: A Hybrid Text? 317
Paula James

21 The Magnetic Stone of Love: Greek Novel and Poetry 330
Françoise Létoublon

22 “Respect these Breasts and Pity Me”: Greek Novel and Theater 352
Françoise Létoublon and Marco Genre

23 Poems in Petronius’ Satyrica 371
Aldo Setaioli

24 Various Asses 384
Niall W. Slater

25 Greek Novel and Greek Archaic Literature 400
Giuseppe Zanetto

26 Ekphrasis in the Ancient Novel 411
Angela Holzmeister

Part IV Themes and Topics 425

27 Miscellanea Petroniana: A Petronian Enthusiast’s Thoughts and Reviews 427
Barry Baldwin

28 Love, Myth, and Ritual: The Mythic Dimension and Adolescence in Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe 441
Anton Bierl

29 Gender in the Ancient Novel 456
Ellen D. Finkelpearl

30 Education as Construction of Gender Roles in the Greek Novels 473
Sophie Lalanne

31 Greek Love in the Greek Novel 490
John F. Makowski

32 Latin Culture in the Second Century ad 502
Claudio Moreschini

33 Mimet(h)ic Paideia in Lucian’s True History 522
Peter von Möllendorff

34 Reimagining Community in Christian Fictions 535
Judith Perkins

35 The Poetics of Old Wives’ Tales, or Apuleius and the Philosophical Novel 552
Stefan Tilg

36 Achilles Tatius and Heliodorus: Between Aristotle and Hitchcock 570
Martin M. Winkler

37 Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe: Literary Transmission and Reception 584
Maria Pia Pattoni

Index 598


“It offers a nice mixture of new discussions, including some that will be useful for students and the uninitiated, some that will provoke further research, and a number that will stand as important contributions to the field in their own right.”  (Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 19 June 2015)

“Ending with a chapter looking at the influence of the ancient novel on modern film, the Companionforms a full circle in its assessment of forms of entertainment, while also demonstrating, in spite of its apparent rarity, that the ancient novel continues to exert a strong influence on modern storytellers, their means of, and inspirations for, storytelling.”  (Reference Reviews, 1 December 2014