The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis, Vol. 6
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More About This Title The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis, Vol. 6


The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis, Volume 6 covers the literature on the synthesis of medicinal agents from 1994 to 1998. This well-received series meets the needs of practitioners in the field who seek a quick overview of the synthetic routes that have been used to access specific classes of therapeutic agents.

While most books on medicinal chemistry are organized on the basis of therapeutic or biochemical classes, materials in this series are arranged and discussed in terms of chemical structure. Thus, the preparation and detailed organic chemistry of the classes are presented in a unified way. Only drugs that have been granted a U.S. Adopted Name are included in this series.

Synthetic organic, pharmaceutical, medicinal, and heterocyclic chemists will find this series an invaluable resource for their research in the synthetic chemistry of drug development.


DANIEL LEDNICER has devoted his career in both the private and public sectors to the search for new therapeutic agents. A former chemist and project officer at the National Cancer Institute, he has held the positions of director of chemical research at Mead Johnson, director of pharmaceutical sciences at Adria Laboratories, and pharmaceutical manager at Analytical Biochemistry Laboratories. He is the author or coauthor of the five previous volumes in the Wiley series, The Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis, and author of the recent book, Strategies for Organic Drug Synthesis and Design, also published by Wiley.


Open-Chain Compounds.

Monocyclic Aromatics.

Carbocyclic Compounds.

Five-Membered Heterocycles.

Six- and Seven-Membered Heterocycles.

Five-Membered Heterocycles Fused to One Benzene Ring.

Six-Membered Heterocycles Fused to One Benzene Ring.

Beta Lactam Antibiotics.

Bicyclic Fused Heterocycles.

Polycyclic Fused Heterocycles.