At Your Service: How to Attract New Customers, Increase Sales, and Grow Your Business Using Simple Customer Service Techniques
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More About This Title At Your Service: How to Attract New Customers, Increase Sales, and Grow Your Business Using Simple Customer Service Techniques


A guide to refocusing your business on those who matter most: customers and employees.

Technology and social media tools have made it easier than ever for companies to communicate with consumers. They can listen and join in on conversations, solve problems, get instant feedback about their products and services, and more. So why, then, are most companies not doing this? Instead, it seems as if customer service is at an all time low, and that the few companies who are choosing to focus on their customers are experiencing a great competitive advantage. At Your Service explains the importance of refocusing your business on your customers and your employees, and just how to do it.

  • Explains how to create a culture of empowered employees who understand the value of a great customer experience
  • Advises on the need to communicate that experience to their customers and potential customers
  • Frank Eliason, recognized by BusinessWeek as the 'most famous customer service manager in the US, possibly in the world,' has built a reputation for helping large businesses improve the way they connect with customers and enhance their relationships

At Your Service will appeal to leaders, managers, business owners, customer service professionals, and anyone who wants to learn how to add value to their organization.


Frank Eliason has built his career on building relationships with a diverse community of employees, Consumers, Small Business Owners, and Corporate Customers. He has been described as the "most famous Customer service manager in the United States, and possibly the world," as a result of his revolutionary approach to Customer relations while Director of Digital Care at Comcast. After leaving Comcast, Frank joined Citibank as the SVP of Social Media Strategy. His work has been recognized by many news organizations, including ABC News, CNN, Bloomberg TV, the New York Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek. He is also one of the most sought-after thought leaders on social media and Customer experience, and regularly participates in panels and speaking engagements.


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Chapter 1 This Could Be Your Brand 1

Chapter 2 Welcome to Our World of @YourService 7

Chapter 3 It Starts with a Capital C 18

Chapter 4 Do You Tell Your Customers Not to Call You? 25

Chapter 5 Let Me Check with My Boss 34

Chapter 6 The Social Media Hype 40

Chapter 7 The Starting Point 46

Chapter 8 The Snarky Web 51

Chapter 9 Scalable Intimacy 56

Chapter 10 Intimate Connections 65

Chapter 11 The Social Business 78

Chapter 12 Connecting 81

Chapter 13 The First Weeks at Comcast 86

Chapter 14 What Is Your Customer Guarantee? 92

Chapter 15 Tweet Tweet 99

Chapter 16 Driving Change in an Organization 109

Chapter 17 Social Customer Service Is a Failure 115

Chapter 18 An Inside Look at a Call Center 119

Chapter 19 The Basic Tenets of Service 130

Chapter 20 Is Service One of Your Values? 137

Chapter 21 Do You Trust Your Service Team? 142

Chapter 22 The Tail Wagging the Dog 149

Chapter 23 How Do You Speak? 158

Chapter 24 Startle Your Customer 166

Chapter 25 Responding to Social Media Crisis 171

Chapter 26 Doing Social Good 184

Chapter 27 Scale of Change 188

Chapter 28 Who Is Your Chief Customer Officer? 193

Chapter 29 The Power in You 197

Chapter 30 The Relationship Hub 201

Index 207