Cognition, Eighth Edition
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Matlin’s Cognition demonstrates how cognitive processes are relevant to everyday, real-world experiences, and frequently examines how cognition can be applied to other disciplines such as clinical psychology, social psychology, consumer psychology, education, communication, business, medicine, and law. The 8th edition continues to relate cognitive topics to applications in everyday life. This edition is fully updated with research and additional anecdotes. It also includes more research on neuroscience.


CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

CHAPTER 2: Perceptual Processes I: Visual and Auditory Recognition

CHAPTER 3: Perceptual Processes II: Attention and Consciousness

CHAPTER 4: Working Memory

CHAPTER 5: Long-Term Memory

CHAPTER 6: Memory Strategies and Metacognition

CHAPTER 7: Mental Imagery and Cognitive Maps

CHAPTER 8: General Knowledge

CHAPTER 9: Language I: Introduction to Language and Language Comprehension

CHAPTER 10: Language II: Language Production and Bilingualism

CHAPTER 11: Problem Solving and Creativity

CHAPTER 12: Deductive Reasoning and Decision Making

CHAPTER 13: Cognitive Development Throughout the Lifespan




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