Performance Consulting: Applying Performance Improvement in Human Resource Development
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More About This Title Performance Consulting: Applying Performance Improvement in Human Resource Development


Performance Consulting

If organizations are to be successful they must improve individual and organizational performance in order to establish and maintain a high-performance workplace, develop intellectual capital, promote productivity, and ultimately enhance profitability.

Performance Consulting reveals how to distinguish between the signs and symptoms of productivity problems from the underlying root causes and find the most ethical and cost-effective solutions to solve those problems. The book is written for performance consultants, HR professionals, and any leader who want to fulfill the role of a performance consultant in order to develop more productive workers and create a globally-competitive organization.

Filled with illustrative examples from giants in the field of human performance technology, the book describes the skills needed in order to become an effective performance consultant. Step by step the author clearly shows how to uncover and deal with challenges and opportunities to improve human performance of organizations by analyzing their present and envisioning their future. The book offers vital information for examining an organization's present conditions that are associated with data collection and analysis methods. It also describes how to foresee future conditions of an organization associated with relevant sources in order to determine their future course.

Performance Consulting includes guidelines for implementing performance improvement solutions, which are often identified as performance improvement interventions. The book explains which approaches can offer the solutions that are likely to be most cost-effective, timely, ethical, and socially-responsible.

No matter what size your organization or your current job responsibilities, Performance Consulting offers the strategies and information needed to become a dynamic performance consultant.


William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Learning and Performance Systems in the College of Education on the University Park Campus of The Pennsylvania State University. He has worked full-time in human resource management and employee training and development from 1979 to the present. He combines real-world experience with academic and consulting experience. He is the co-author of Improving On-the-Job Training and Mastering the Instructional Design Process both from Wiley.


List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits v

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

About the Editors xix

PART ONE Thinking Beyond Training 1

ONE Why Training 3
George M. (Bud) Benscoter

TWO Moving Toward Performance Consulting 37
George M. (Bud) Benscoter

THREE Role Transformation 69
William J. Rothwell

PART TWO Problems and Opportunities in Human Performance 87

FOUR Analyzing the Present 89
Woocheol Kim

FIVE Envisioning the Future 129
Woocheol Kim

PART THREE Initiating Performance Consulting 163

SIX Gap Clarification 165
Taesung Kim

SEVEN Prioritizing Gaps 191
Taesung Kim

EIGHT Identifying the Root Causes of Performance Gaps 209
Taesung Kim

PART FOUR Implementation of Performance Consulting (PC) Strategies 233

NINE Selecting Performance Consulting Strategies 237
Aileen Guerrero Zaballero

TEN Implementing Performance Consulting Strategies: The External Organizational Environment 280
Aileen Guerrero Zaballero

ELEVEN Implementing Performance Consulting Strategies: The Internal Work Environment 313
Aileen Guerrero Zaballero

TWELVE Implementing Performance Consulting Strategies: The Work 338
Aileen Guerrero Zaballero and Jong Gyu Park

THIRTEEN Implementing Performance Consulting Strategies: The Worker 372
Jong Gyu Park and Aileen Guerrero Zaballero

PART FIVE Evaluating Performance Consulting 413

FOURTEEN Evaluating Performance Consulting 415
George M. (Bud) Benscoter

APPENDIX: Establishing Rapport and Connecting Performance Consulting to Business Goals 452

Answers to Discussion Questions 456

Name Index 483

Subject Index 489