The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition
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The classic, landmark work on software testing

The hardware and software of computing have changed markedly in the three decades since the first edition of The Art of Software Testing, but this book's powerful underlying analysis has stood the test of time. Whereas most books on software testing target particular development techniques, languages, or testing methods, The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition provides a brief but powerful and comprehensive presentation of time-proven software testing approaches. If your software development project is mission critical, this book is an investment that will pay for itself with the first bug you find.

The new Third Edition explains how to apply the book's classic principles to today's hot topics including:

  • Testing apps for iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, Androids, and other mobile devices
  • Collaborative (user) programming and testing
  • Testing for Internet applications, e-commerce, and agile programming environments

Whether you're a student looking for a testing guide you'll use for the rest of your career, or an IT manager overseeing a software development team, The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition is an expensive book that will pay for itself many times over.


GLENFORD J. MYERS is a technology executive and a former senior staff member of IBM's Systems Research Institute, as well as the founder and former CEO of RadiSys Corporation.

TOM BADGETT has managed software development teams for large national corporations, has published more than sixty books in the computer hardware and software field, and served as technical editor for PCjr, Digital News, and other national computer magazines.

COREY SANDLER is one of the pioneers of computer journalism. He covered technology for Gannett Newspapers and the Associated Press and went on to become the first executive editor of PC Magazine. He also was the founding editor of Digital News, the newspaperfor DEC minicomputers. He has written more than 150 books on computers, business, and other topics.


Preface vii

Introduction ix

1 A Self-Assessment Test 1

2 The Psychology and Economics of Software Testing 5

3 Program Inspections, Walkthroughs, and Reviews 19

4 Test-Case Design 41

5 Module (Unit) Testing 85

6 Higher-Order Testing 113

7 Usability (User) Testing 143

8 Debugging 157

9 Testing in the Agile Environment 175

10 Testing Internet Applications 193

11 Mobile Application Testing 213

Appendix Sample Extreme Testing Application 227

Index 233