Wealthy and Wise: Secrets about Money
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Wealthy & Wise provides rare insight into the techniques that wealthy people use to build and protect their wealth, so that they can enjoy life to its fullest. Readers will learn how to address the real-life issues that money creates, such as raising children in an affluent household, finding fulfillment in work, and developing a long-term wealth management strategy. The book addresses both the practical and the emotional challenges of wealth, with tips on how to enjoy it too. From prenuptial agreements to family meetings to trusts and charitable foundations, Wealthy & Wise provides useful, comprehensive advice for anyone who has wealth, or aspires to wealth.

Neuberger Berman (New York, NY) is a leading investment advisory company. For more than sixty years, it has provided clients with a broad range of investment products, services, and strategies, including asset management, wealth management, and trust services. Heidi L. Steiger is an Executive Vice President and head of the firm's private asset management business.


NEUBERGER BERMAN is a leading wealth manager for individuals, institutions, and its family of no-load mutual funds. You can visit them at www.nb.com.

HEIDI L. STEIGER is Executive Vice President of Neuberger Berman and head of the firm's Private Asset Management business. Her clients include high-net-worth individuals, families, and small institutions.



1. Clearing the Emotional Hurdles: How to Turn Wealth's Conflicts into Opportunities (S. Ryzewic).

2. Money and the Modern Family: The Challenges of Parenting in a Wealthy Family (J. Peck).

3. The Business of Marriage: Love Conquers All, But Assets Need Protection (R. Cohen).

4. The Value of Work, Part I: When You Love What You Do, Why Retire? (R. Neuberger).

5. The Value of Work, Part II: A Better Career the Second Time Around (J. Ellig).

6. When Giving Is Gaining: A Strategic Approach to Philanthropy (E. Remmer).

7. Resolving Conflicts in a Family Enterprise: Preserving Wealth and Relationships (F. Brown).

8. Family Meetings That Work: Conducting Successful Discussions About Money and Other Sensitive Subjects (D. Jaffe, et al.).


9. Working with Professional Money Managers: Balancing Control and Delegation (C. Beyer).

10. How to Build a Winning Team of Financial Advisors: A Collaborative Approach Yields the Best Results (C. Lowenhaupt).

11. Balancing Act: The Art of Asset Allocation (J. Spencer).

12. Adding Real Estate to Your Investment Mix: A Complement to Your Stock and Bond Portfolio (R. Adler).

13. Wealth Management and Trusts: Building a Legacy for the Ages (A. Bellas and D. Lederman).

14. Prudent Investing for Private Family Foundations: Keeping an Even Keel in Stormy Markets (R. Sinsheimer).

15. Family Offices: Why, When and How (E. Perry).

16. Finding an Outstanding Trustee: What Wealthy Families Look for in a Trustee and How They Get It (J. Duncan).


17. The Joy of Collecting: From Simple Pleasures to Rare Treasures (K. Doyle).

18. Collecting Contemporary Art: Traditional Values, New Meaning (I. Danoff).

19. Enjoying the Good Life: Money and Time Well Spent (M. Ferrell).

20. Safe and Sound: Developing a Sensible Strategy for Your Personal Security (M. Ferrell).

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"A collection of readable, informative essays about how to cope with being rich, how to manage your fortune and how to enjoy it." (The New York Observer, October 18, 2002)