Student Development in College, Second Edition: Theory, Research, and Practice
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More About This Title Student Development in College, Second Edition: Theory, Research, and Practice


The second edition of Student Development in College offers higher education professionals a clear understanding of the developmental challenges facing today's college students. Thoroughly revised and updated, this edition includes new integrative theories of student development, expanded coverage of social identity theories, a targeted focus on higher education-related research, a current review of student development research and application, and reconceptualization of typology theories as a way to understand individual differences.

Praise for the Second Edition of STUDENT DEVELOPMENT IN COLLEGE

"Student Development in College is a rich, comprehensive exploration of the major theoretical perspectives that inform development. The authors' attention to nuances and complexities results in a substantive history of theory development and a careful story about how various perspectives evolved yielding contemporary theorizing. The book is a masterful blend of theoretical lenses and their use in designing developmentally appropriate practice for diverse populations of contemporary college students. It is an excellent resource for all educators who work on college campuses."—Marcia Baxter Magolda, Distinguished Professor, Educational Leadership, Miami University

"This is an invaluable work for anyone seeking an introduction to college student development theories or those seeking to update their existing knowledge. It offers a thorough and complex review of both the foundational theories and the newer—often more culturally relevant—theories and models."—Raechele L. Pope, program coordinator, Higher Education Program, University at Buffalo

"The original book was a tremendous contribution to the field of higher education and especially student affairs. After more than ten years, this revision is a timely and focused enhancement to the literature that nurtures quality professionals to think differently about topics relevant to our field. Well done a second time around!"—Gregory Roberts, executive director, ACPA—College Student Educators International


Figures and Exhibit ix

The Authors xiii

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Part One: Understanding and Using Student Development Theory 1

1 Definitions and Historical Roots of Student Development 5

2 Using Student Development Theory 22

Part Two: Foundational Theories 41

3 Psychosocial Identity Development 47

4 Chickering’s Theory of Identity Development 64

5 Perry’s Theory of Intellectual and Ethical Development 82

6 Moral Development Theory 99

7 Later Cognitive Structural Theories 119

8 Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning 136

Part Three: Integrative Theories 153

9 Ecological Approaches to College Student Development 157

10 Development of Self-Authorship 176

11 Development of Faith and Spirituality 194

12 Schlossberg’s Transition Theory 212

Part Four: Social Identity Development 227

13 Social Identity: Concepts and Overview 233

14 Racial Identity Development 252

15 Ethnic Identity and Acculturation 271

16 Multiracial Identity Development 288

17 Sexual Identity Development 305

18 Gender and Gender Identity Development 327

Part Five: Concluding Reflections 347

19 Using Theories in Combination 349

20 Final Thoughts and Future Directions 359

References 373

Index 433