The Leader's Guide to Standards: A Blueprint for Educational Equity and Excellence
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More About This Title The Leader's Guide to Standards: A Blueprint for Educational Equity and Excellence


Douglas B. Reeves-- one of the nation's leading authorities on academic standards, performance assessment, and accountability-- is the chairman and founder of the Center for Performance Assessment. He is the author of fourteen books, including The Daily Disciplines of Leadership (Jossey-Bass, 2002). Reeves was named to the Distinguished Authors Series by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education for 2002 and won the Parent's Choice Award for his book, 20-Minute Learning Connection. He was named Education Writer of the Year by the California County Superintendents Association.


Preface: Why Standards?


The Author.

Books by Douglas Reeves.

Part One: The Standards Imperative.

1. The Case for Standards.

2. Standards and Norms: What s the Difference?

3. Standards-Based Performance Assessment: The Key to Standards Implementation.

4. Power Standards: How Leaders Add Value to State and National Standards.

5. Instructional Leadership.

6. Standards and Community Leadership: Communicating with Parents, Politicians, and Community Members.

7. Data-Driven Decision Making.

Part Two: Strategic Leadership for Educational Standards.

8. Creating Ownership and Support for Standards.

9. Redefining Educational Accountability.

10. Assessing Leadership Performance.

Part Three: Leadership Roles for Educational Standards.

11. The Role of the Superintendent.

12. The Role of the Board of Education.

13. The Role of State Leadership.

14. The National Leadership Imperative.

Conclusion: The Enduring Values of Leadership.

Appendix: Leadership Tools, Checklists, and Forms.

A.1 Student Achievement Form.

A.2 Educational Practice Form.

A.3 Leadership Practice Form.

A.4 Curriculum Practice Form.

A.5 Data Analysis: Ordered Pairs Linking Professional Practice to Student Achievement.

A.6 Worksheet: Leadership and Learning Matrix Data.

A.7 Personal Leadership and Learning Matrix.

A.8 Professional Practice Inventory.

A.9 Leadership Practice Inventory.

A.10 Curriculum Practice Inventory.

A.11 Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Not Controllable by Leader.

A.12 Factors Influencing Student Achievement, Subject to Influence by Leader.

A.13 Parent Communication Checklist.

A.14 Faculty Communication Checklist.

A.15 Community Communication Checklist.

A.16 Faculty Perceptions of Standards: Survey.

A.17 Power Standards Development Process.

A.18 Standards-Based Performance Assessment Development Checklist.

A.19 Classroom Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.20 School Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.21 District Checklist for Standards Implementation.

A.22 Professional Development Self-Evaluation Scoring Guide.

A.23 Preliminary Checklist for Data-Driven Decision-Making Seminar Preparation.

A.24 Data-Driven Decision Making: Sample Completed Action Plan.

A.25 Data-Driven Decision Making: "Treasure Hunt".

A.26 Data-Driven Decision Making: Analyzing the Data.

A.27 Data-Driven Decision Making: Draft Needs Analysis.

A.28 Data-Driven Decision Making: Establishing New Goals or Revising Existing Goals.

A.29 Data-Driven Decision Making: Strategies to Support Specific Goals.

A.30 Data-Driven Decision Making: Determining Results Indicators for Targeted Strategies.

A.31 Data-Driven Decision Making: Action Steps and Schedule.

A.32 Master Task List.

A.33 Daily Prioritized Task List.

A.34 Project Task List.




"Reading this book provides a foundation for a better understanding of the standards movement." (The School Administrator, 4/1/2004)

"When you complete this book, you may find yourself supporting standards even if you begin as one of those who object to them." (, January 15, 2003)

"If you're overwhelmed by academic standards, it's probably time for you to meet Douglas Reeves." (American School Board Journal, June 2003)

"This book will interest both those who want practical guidance for meeting standards and those who oppose current initiatives." (Choice, June 2003)

"The Leader's Guide to Standards is an important resource for anyone who cares about getting the standards and accountability system right. This book gives sound guidance to the many stakeholders who must work together to ensure that our kids succeed. It is a 'must read'. "—Anne Bryant, executive director, National School Boards Association

"One of the most important tasks of an educational leader is to shape conversations that lead to improvements in teaching and learning. The Leader's Guide to Standards prepares leaders to engage in informed, sustained conversation within the education community about the values, goals, and methods of standards-based education. Whatever the readers' views regarding standards, Doug Reeves provides a clear and articulate starting point for meaningful conversations about this critically important issue." —Dennis Sparks, executive director, National Staff Development Council

"There is not a person in the United States who better understands standards." —Bill Habermehl, superintendent, Orange County, California Office of Education

"In the on-going debate about the pros and cons of standards, Dr. Reeves presents insights and practical suggestions to address adding meaning and value to both standards and 'proficiency'. His straight-forward style is very practitioner friendly. The tools, checklists, and forms provide both the novice and veteran educator with support for using standards effectively and fairly in being accountable for student learning." —Thomas Lockamy, chief academic officer, Norfolk Public Schools

"For years Douglas Reeves ahs worked with individual schools, districts, and a variety of state departments on the specifics and issues regarding standards and their implementation. This book brings together music of the cumulative wisdom gained and imparted by Doug in one engaging and compelling source. Educators at all levels will benefit from reading it." —Robert J. Marzano, senior scholar, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning Associate Professor, Cardinal Stritch University

"Doug Reeves has once again provided school administrators with invaluable guidance in our efforts to help students succeed. His book on leadership may be the best effort to date on the essential elements of leadership for learning. As always, Doug is practical, uncompromising and clear in his ideas and delivery. If we believe that it takes a change in behavior to change belief, then educators now have a blueprint for leadership action to follow." —Chris Wright, superintendent, Hazelwood, Missouri

"In his always lucid and practical fashion, Reeves has laid out the leader's essential— and ultimately quite manageable—task of implementing standards for student success." —Mike Schmoker, author, Results and Results Fieldbook