Sacred Stories Of Ordinary Families: Living the Faith in Daily Life
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More About This Title Sacred Stories Of Ordinary Families: Living the Faith in Daily Life


When families are faced with crises and challenges— unemployment, the untimely death of a family member, natural disasters and chronic illnesses— those who seem to weather the crisis best are often those who have an active spiritual dimension to their lives together. And in times of joy and celebration families with strong spiritual lives rejoice in deeper and more wondrous ways. But what exactly is it that characterizes faith and spirituality in family life? Identifying resilience, strength, and faith in the stories of all kinds of families, Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families motivates readers to think about how faith shapes their own family lives. Drawn from Diana R. Garland's extensive interviews with 110 families, this book includes stories from ordinary families whose lives together both reveal and rely on extraordinary faith.


Diana R. Garland is the chair of the School of Social Work Department at Baylor University and director of Baylor's Center for Family and Community Ministries. Her previous works include Family Ministry: A Comprehensive Guide.




Chapter 1 Melodies for Daily Life.

Chapter 2 The Challenge of Being Family.

Chapter 3 Binding Families Together.

Chapter 4 Faith That Sustains Us.

Chapter 5 The Challenging Practices of Living Faith.

Chapter 6 Kitchen Linoleum as Holy Ground.

Chapter 7 The Congregation as a Community of Families.

Your Family Stories: Questions for Reflection.

Thinking About Families and Faith: A Discussion Guide for Groups.


The Author.