Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs
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Today’s leaders in higher education are focused on creating multicultural campuses. However, most higher education and student affairs professionals receive limited training for understanding the complexity of multicultural issues. If multiculturalism is to flourish on college campuses, education professionals must develop the sensitivity and awareness in affirming relevant multicultural issues and develop the skills needed to offer meaningful services to all their students.Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs is a unique resource that offers student affairs practitioners and faculty a guide that features a model of core competencies that embraces the broad scope of multicultural issues including race, class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, and abilities.



Raechele L. Pope is an associate professor of higher education and student affairs administration in the Department of Education, Leadership, and Policy at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

Amy L. Reynolds is a staff psychologist at Buffalo State College Counseling Center.

John A. Mueller is an assistant professor in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.




About the Authors.

Part One: The Dynamic Model of Student Affairs Competence.

1. Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs.

2. Multicultural Competence in Theory and Translation.

3. Multicultural Competence in Administration and Management.

4. Multicultural Competence in Helping and Advising.

5. Multicultural Competence in Assessment and Research.

6. Multicultural Competence in Ethics and Professional Standards.

7. Multicultural Competence in Teaching and Training.

Part Two: Research and Practice Implications of Multicultural Competence.

8. Multicultural Competence Research and Practical Implications.

9. Multicultural Competence: Reflection and Practice.

Case 1—Orientation Skit Flap.

Case 2—Equal Opportunity Employer in Search of “Good” Diverse Candidates
Deidre Marriner, Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising, SUNY, University at Buffalo.

Case 3—Looking for a Place to Be All of Me
Katherine Frier, Assistant Director of Employee Relations, SUNY, University at Buffalo.

Case 4—The New Hate Speech: Using New Technology for Old Messages.

Case 5—Just an Average White Guy
Nigel Marriner, Assistant Administrative Director, SUNY, University at Buffalo.

Case 6—Just Watching TV.

Case 7—Diversity Training for Student Leaders
Matthew J. Weigand, Director of New Student Programs, SUNY, University at Buffalo.

10. Conclusion.




“Raechele Pope, Amy Reynolds, and John Mueller break new ground in presenting a clear and comprehensive picture of what multicultural competence actually looks like in student affairs practice. Their suggestions for developing multicultural attitudes, knowledge, and skills are imminently practical and very much needed.”
—Nancy J. Evans, professor and program coordinator, Higher Education Program, Iowa State University

“Given the state of affairs in our world today related to the misunderstanding of cultures, this is a must read for those of us in higher education who say we are making a difference in the lives of students.”
—Gregory Roberts, executive director and senior operating officer, American College Personnel Association

“The authors go far beyond the basic and instead present complex competencies related to awareness, knowledge, and skills for model multicultural practice. Further, the case studies are an excellent resource for multicultural professional development.”
—Marylu McEwen, College Student Personnel Program, University of Maryland, College Park