Educating by Design: Creating Campus Learning Environments That Work
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More About This Title Educating by Design: Creating Campus Learning Environments That Work


C. Carney Strange is a Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University.

James H. Banning is a Professor in the School of Education at Colorado State University.


Physical Environments: The Role of Design and Space.

Aggregate Environments: The Impact of Human Characteristics.

Organizational Environments: How Institutional Goals Are Achieved.

Constructed Environments: Different Views Through Different Eyes.


Promoting Safe and Inclusive Environments.

Encouraging Involvement and Participation.

Creating a Community of Learners.

Challenges of Computer-Mediated Environments.

Designing by Education.


"Finally, a book that summarizes and synthesizes the powerful influence of collegiate environments. This rich blAnd of theory and practice will help both scholars and practitioners better understand and build collegiate environments which promote student success." (M. Lee Upcraft, assistant vice president emeritus for student affairs, Penn State University)

"Educating by Design is a much-needed, succinct summary of the leading theoretical perspectives and empirical work that explain how different features of college campuses affect behavior." (George D. Kuh, professor of higher education and associate dean of the faculties, Indiana University-Bloomington)

"This book should be required reading for all who seek to improve the process and outcomes of higher education--from provosts and faculty to residence hall directors and facilities managers. Carney Strange and Jim Banning provide theoretical grounding and practical tools to help us make educational environments more effective." (Donna L. McKinley, vice chancellor, Student Affairs, University of Michigan-Dearborn)

"A must read for anyone interested in creating educationally sound campus environments. This book provides both a comprehensive review of environmental theory and practical strategies for enhancing student learning." (Nancy J. Evans, associate professor and coordinator, Higher Education Program, Iowa State University)

"Practitioners and students of all ages will greatly benefit from reading this synthesis of learning environment research and theory. The book draws on an impressively broad array of literature, and yet is organized for practical use. This is an important and timely contribution to higher education." (Will Barratt, associate professor of counseling, Indiana State University)