The Power of YOU! How YOU Can Create Happiness, Balance and Wealth
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More About This Title The Power of YOU! How YOU Can Create Happiness, Balance and Wealth


True fulfillment in life doesn't come solely from success at the office or happiness at home; it comes from both. What if there was a way for you to balance the pressures and demands of work against the needs of your personal life—while simultaneously increasing your success at living and working? There is a way, and The Power of You! is it.

Scott Martineau shows that real, sustainable happiness and personal growth can only come about when you do powerful inner work, challenging old beliefs, habits, and patterns that no longer serve you. The Power of You! addresses the needs of today's busy professionals with tools, techniques, skills, and a philosophy that does away with short-term fixes and cheap emotional highs. Together, these tools and tactics provide a comprehensive guide to ultimate balance, happiness, and wealth for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to succeed and be happy in the twenty-first century.

The Power of You! is a self-help book like no other. In addition to its practical applications, it's packed with inspirational and practical advice from renowned contributors like Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Arthur Joseph, Joe Vitale, and Jack Canfield. You'll not only have the tools and guidance you need to improve your life, but you'll also find here all the inspiration and motivation you need to get started now.

The first step to lasting personal change is consciousness. This is not the fuzzy spiritual consciousness one finds in most self-help books, but the practical, honest self-awareness that sets the stage for long-term improvement. Only through honest self-evaluation can real, lasting personal change occur. Whereas most self-help books present a vision of personal growth based on short-term changes, The Power of You! shows you how to create sustainable long-term change utilizing tools and knowledge not found anywhere else.

If you want to achieve the highest possible level of balance, happiness, and success, The Power of You! paves the way and shows you how to start your journey—today.


SCOTT MARTINEAU is the President and founder of Conscious One (, the largest Internet resource for personal growth and enlightened spirituality, with over 600,000 active members. Conscious One provides the most comprehensive collection of inspirational tools, products, and online interactive courses from some of the world's leading self-help and spiritual authors.



Foreword by Steve Amos.

Chapter 1. The Demands of a New Age.

Chapter 2. New Consciousness for a New Era.

Chapter 3. Choosing Your Core Values.

Chapter 4. Tools to Unleash Your Power.

Chapter 5. The Power of the Conscious Triangle.

Chapter 6. Live a Blended and Connected Lifestyle.

Chapter 7. The New Religion of Capitalism.

Chapter 8. Create YOUR Dream Life.

Chapter 9. Anticipating Obstacles and Roadblocks.

Chapter 10. Time For Action.

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