Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
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More About This Title Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders


Complete coverage of The Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders provides authoritative coverage of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of three major DSM-IV-TR classifications of sexual disorders and gender identity disorders: sexual dysfunctions, gender identity disorders, and paraphilias/atypical sexual behaviors.

The first internationally contributed handbook of its kind, this practical guide provides mental health professionals as well as medical professionals with the latest information in the understanding and treatment of sexual problems and gender identity related disorders. Covering both the medical and mental health related aspects of sexual dysfunctions and gender identity disorders, topics covered include:

Male sexual arousal disorder

Female desire disorder

Female genital pain and its treatment

Aging and sexuality

Disease and sexuality

Gender identity disorders in adults

Cross-cultural issues in gender identity disorders

Paraphilic sexual disorders

Sexual addiction

Legal and privacy issues surrounding paraphilias

An insightful and unique resource, the Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders prepares mental health and medical professionals to more skillfully and compassionately recognize and address the sexual issues of those who seek their help.


David L. Rowland, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at Valparaiso University in Indiana. He is also Editor for the Annual Review of Sex Research, and serves as consulting editor for a number of journals. He has published numerous research and review articles related to sexual response, evaluation, and dysfunction.

Luca Incrocci, MD, PhD, is a radiation oncologist and sexologist in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Erasmus Medical Center-Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Dr. Incrocci is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the European Journal of Sexual Health, as well as the Treasurer of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. He is the author of more than seventy peer-reviewed papers, reviews, book chapters, and abstracts. sexual and gender identity disorders





Part I. Sexual Dysfunctions.

Introduction to Part I.

Male Sexual Dysfunctions.

Chapter 1. Disorders of Male Sexual Desire (Geoffrey Ian Hackett, MD, FRCPI, MRCGP).

Chapter 2. Male Sexual Arousal Disorder (Ronald W. Lewis, MD, co-authors Jiuhong Yuan, MD and Run Wang, MD, FACS).

Chapter 3. Premature Ejaculation (David L. Rowland, Ph.D., co-author Chris G. McMahon, MD).

Chapter 4. Retarded and Inhibited Ejaculation (Michael A. Perelman, Ph.D., co-author David L. Rowland, Ph.D.).

Chapter 5. Androgens and Endocrine Function in Aging Men: Effects on Sexual and General Health (Louis Gooren, MD, Ph.D.).

Female Sexual Dysfunctions.

Chapter 6. Problems with Sexual Interest and Desire (Jacques van Lankveld, Ph.D.).

Chapter 7. Problems with Arousal and Orgasm in Women (Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D., co-authors Brooke N. Seal, M.A. and Lisa Dawn Hamilton, B.A.).

Chapter 8. Female Genital Pain and Its Treatment (Yitzchak M. Binik, Ph.D., co-authors Melissa A. Farmer, B.A. and Tuuli Kukkonen, B.A.).

Chapter 9. Menopause, Aging, and Sexual Response in Women (Lori A. Brotto, Ph.D., R Psych, co-author Mijal Luria).

Emerging Issues in Sexual Dysfunctions.

Chapter 10. Disease and Sexuality (Luca Incrocci, MD, Ph.D., co-author Woet L. Gianotten, MD).

Part II. Gender Identity Disorders.

Introduction to Part II.

Chapter 11. Genetics of Sexual Development and Differentiation (Eric J.N. Vilain, MD, Ph.D.).

Chapter 12. Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) and Atypical Sex Differentiation (Vickie Pasterski, Ph.D., C Psychol).

Chapter 13. Gender Identity Disorder in Children and Adolescents (Kenneth J. Zucker, Ph.D., C.Psych, co-author Peggy Cohen-Kettenis, Ph.D.).

Chapter 14. Gender Identity Disorders in Adults: Diagnosis and Treatment (Anne A. Lawrence, MD, Ph.D.).

Emerging Issues in Gender Identity Disorders.

Chapter 15. Cross-Cultural Issues (Serena Nanda, Ph.D.).

Part III. Paraphilias and Atypical Sexual Behaviors.

Introduction to Part III.

Chapter 16. Paraphilia and Paraphilia Related Disorders: An Introduction(Luk Gijs, Ph.D.).

Chapter 17. The Etiology of Sexual Deviance (Patrick Lussier, Ph.D., co-authors Kristie McCann, MA and Eric Beauregard, Ph.D.).

Chapter 18. Treatment of Paraphilic Sexual Disorders (J. Paul Fedoroff, MD).

Chapter 19. Sexual Addiction (Matt O'Brien, M.Sc., co-authors Liam E. Marshall, MA and W. L. Marshall, OC, Ph.D., FRSC).

Emerging Issues in Paraphilias and Atypical Sexual Behaviors.

Chapter 20. Legal and Privacy Issues Surrounding Sex/Gender Disorders (Renee Sorrentino, MD).



"This volume covers a broad scope of material, reflecting the disparate range of conditions falling under the DSM rubric of "sexual and gender identity disorders. This handbook would be a welcome addition to the reference library of anyone interested in the often understudied and still not completely understood categories known as sexual and gender identity disorders." (Psychiatric Services; March 2009)

"…covers a wide range of sexual disorders and includes a number of theoretical orientations. No other book on this topic has taken this approach. Overall, this book is a valuable resource." (PsycCRITIQUES; February 25th, 2009)

"Divided into three major topic segments, this comprehensive guide is—to date—the only book to cover male and female sexual dysfunction, identity, and behavioral issues within a single volume. Thirty-four internationally dispersed field specialists have authored its 20 essay-style chapters, which include case studies, data tables, and annotated illustrations. Chapters examine the physiological, psychological, developmental, and interpersonal causes of sexual dysfunction and present treatment plans. Editors Rowland (Annual Review of Sex Research, 2005) and Inocrocci (Intimacy with Impotence) approach provocative issues with insightful diagnostics and therapeutic rationales. Recommended for medical and psychiatric collections." (Library Journal, June 2008)