Consultation Skills for Mental Health Professionals
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More About This Title Consultation Skills for Mental Health Professionals


Consultation interventions are an increasingly popular alternative to clinical practice, allowing the practitioner to interact with and affect many different individuals and organizations. This type of work challenges mental health professionals, drawing on all the skills and resources they may possess, yet also offers some of the greatest rewards and opportunities for service.

Filled with numerous case examples and checklists, Consultation Skills for Mental Health Professionals contains a wealth of information on this important area of practice. It provides a comprehensive source for working with a diverse clientele in a variety of settings, discussing both traditional mental health consultation models and the fast-growing field of organizational consulting.

The guide is divided into four parts:

  • Individual-Level Consulting Issues takes up individual career assessment and counseling, along with how organizational contexts affect individual jobs; leadership, management, and supervision; executive assessment, selection, interviewing, and development; and executive coaching.
  • Consulting to Small Systems discusses working with teams and groups; planning and conducting training and teambuilding; diversity in the workplace and in consultation.
  • Consulting to Large Systems covers how to work with large organizations, including organizational structure, terms, culture, and concepts, as well as processes such as change and resistance; how to assess organizations, and the characteristics of healthy and dysfunctional workplaces; and issues involved in organizational intervention.
  • Special Consulting Topics include issues such as the practical aspects of running a consulting practice; the skills required for successful clinical consultation; consultation services for special populations; and crisis consultation, including critical incident stress management, psychological first aid, disaster recovery, media communication, and school crisis response.


RICHARD SEARS, PsYD, MBA, Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, Dayton, Ohio.

JOHN RUDISILL, PHD, ABPP, Dean,Wright State University School of Professional Psychology, Dayton, Ohio.

CARRIE MASON-SEARS, PHD, is a psychologist in private practice and on staff at RHC-CITE Services, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Part One: Individual-Level Consulting Issues 23

Chapter 2 Clinical Career Assessment and Counseling 25

Chapter 3 Organizational Context 45

Chapter 4 Leadership, Management, and Supervision 76

Chapter 5 Executive Assessment, Selection, Interviewing, and Development 114

Chapter 6 Executive Coaching and Performance Enhancement 153

Part Two: Consulting to Small Systems 221

Chapter 7 Working with Teams and Groups 223

Chapter 8 Training and Team Building 249

Chapter 9 Diversity Issues in Consultation 270

Part Three: Consulting to Large Systems 299

Chapter 10 The Nature of Organizations 301

Chapter 11 Assessment of Organizations 318

Chapter 12 Organizational Intervention 331

Part Four: Special Topics 353

Chapter 13 Practice Management 355

Chapter 14 Clinical Consultation 386

Chapter 15 Consultation Services for Special Populations 413

Chapter 16 Crisis Consultation 428

Glossary 447

References 469

Additional Reference Sources 497

Appendix 499

Author Index 515

Subject Index 527

About the Authors 533


"It is hard to imagine a more complete introduction to the field of consulting." (PsycCRITIQUES, 6/28/2006)