Nonprofit Internet Strategies: Best Practices forMarketing, Communications, and Fundraising
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More About This Title Nonprofit Internet Strategies: Best Practices forMarketing, Communications, and Fundraising


Nonprofit Internet Strategies offers every charitable organization the opportunity to analyze their options and select the appropriate strategy to integrate traditional marketing, communications, and fundraising practices with their online efforts.

It is an excellent how-to guide--a practical manual for nonprofit staff written in non-technical language--prepared by experts in the field based on real-life experiences and case studies.


TED HART is founder and President of the international ePhilanthropy Foundation (, headquartered in Washington, D.C., and dedicated to fostering the ethical use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes.

JAMES M. GREENFIELD, ACFRE, FAHP, has served, since 1962, as a fundraising executive to three universities and five hospitals on both the east and west coasts of the United States and in between. He retired from Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in 2001 after fourteen years as senior vice president of resource development and executive director of the Hoag Hospital Foundation.

MICHAEL JOHNSTON is an expert in fundraising and helping nonprofit agencies maximize the benefits they get from using the Internet. He has worked with more than a hundred nonprofit organizations ranging from hospitals to third-world development organizations and peace and disarmament groups, in Canada, the United States, and the U.K.




CHAPTER 1: ePhilanthropy Strategy: Where Relationship Building, Fundraising, and Technology Meet (Ted Hart, ACFRE, ePMT

CHAPTER 2: It All Begins with Strategy: Using the Internet as a Strategic Tool (Anthony J. Powell, CFRE, ePMT Blackbaud Consulting Services).

CHAPTER 3: Multichannel Marketing (Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui, ePMT Greenpeace International).

CHAPTER 4: Staffing ePhilanthropy (Tim Mills-Groninger IT Resource Center).

CHAPTER 5: Integrating Online and Offline Databases to Serve Constituents Better (Jeff Gignac, CFRE, ePMT JMG Solutions, Inc.; Pamela Gignac JMG Solutions, Inc.).

CHAPTER 6: Online Community Building (George Irish, ePMT HJC New Media).

CHAPTER 7: Building Successful Online Communities (Sheeraz Haji, ePMT GetActive Software; Greg Neichin GetActive Software).

CHAPTER 8: Building Your Brand Online (Jason Mogus, ePMT; Pattie LaCroix, ePMT

CHAPTER 9: Inspiring Donors Online: How Your Message Can Make People Feel Extraordinary (Todd Baker Champions of Philanthropy).

CHAPTER 10: Online Advocacy: How the Internet Is Transforming the Way Nonprofits Reach, Motivate, and Retain Supporters (Vinay Bhagat, ePMT Convio, Inc.).

CHAPTER 11: Volunteer Recruitment and Management (Alison Li, ePMT HJC New Media).

CHAPTER 12: e-Stewardship or e-VRM: Building and Managing Lasting and Profitable Relationships Online (Jason Potts, ePMT THINK Consulting Solutions).

CHAPTER 13: Introduction to Building an Integrated Fundraising Strategy (Stephen Love, ePMT Vervos; Shelby Reardon Craver, Mathews, Smith & Company).

CHAPTER 14: Annual Giving: Acquiring, Cultivating, Soliciting, and Retaining Online Donors (Michael Johnston, ePMT HJC New Media).

CHAPTER 15: Special Events and Sponsorships (Philip King, ePMT Artez Interactive; Dianne Sheridan Artez Interactive).

CHAPTER 16: Seeking Big Gifts Online: Planned Giving and Major Gifts (Michael Johnston, ePMT HJC New Media).

CHAPTER 17: Institutional Support: Foundation and Corporate Giving (Bob Carter, Ketchum; Kristina Carlson, CFRE, ePMT

CHAPTER 18: ePhilanthropy Regulation and the Law (Bruce R. Hopkins Polsinelli Shalton Welte Suelthaus P.C.).

CHAPTER 19: Evaluating ePhilanthropy Programs (James M. Greenfield, ACFRE, FAHP J.M. Greenfield & Associates).

CHAPTER 20: The Future of ePhilanthropy: Final Thoughts (Michael Johnston, ePMT HJC New Media).

APPENDIX A: ePhilanthropy Code of Ethical Online Philanthropic Practices.

APPENDIX B: The Ten Rules of ePhilanthropy Every Nonprofit Must Know.

APPENDIX C: APRA Statement of Ethics.

APPENDIX D: The Gilbert E-Mail Manifesto for Nonprofits.

APPENDIX E: Glossary of Terms.