Computer Science: A Breadth-First Approach with C
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More About This Title Computer Science: A Breadth-First Approach with C


Blends basic computer science concepts and C language programming. The study of the language is presented as it applies to many different areas of computer science. Social perspectives, which highlight major events in the history of computer science, are included. The topics covered include everything from algorithms and artificial intelligence to human computer interfacing and operating systems. Each chapter begins with an essay posing a problem to be solved and ends with lab exercises for practicing what has been learned.


Problem-Solving Concepts.

Elements of the C Language.

Computer Logic and Architecture.

Functions and Control Structures.

Operating Systems.


Data Communications.

Pointers and Function Parameters.

Software Engineering.

Data Structures.


Dynamic Lists.

Programming Languages.

Recursive Algorithms.

Searching and Sorting Algorithms.

Numerical Algorithms.

Theoretical Perspectives in Computing.

Artificial Intelligence.


Answers to Selected Exercises.