Simplified Design for Building Sound Control
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  • Wiley

More About This Title Simplified Design for Building Sound Control


Organized for self-paced study, this user-friendly book can easily be understood by designers with no engineering training. Provides excellent guidance concerning how design can be used to control noise, privacy and room acoustics within buildings. Contains a summary of the basic types of sound problems that occur in buildings.


James Ambrose is Editor of the Parker/Ambrose Series of Simplified Design Guides. He has practiced as an architect in California and Illinois, and as a structural engineer in Illinois. He was a professor of architecture at the University of Southern California.

Jeffrey E. Ollswang is the author of Simplified Design for Building Sound Control, published by Wiley.


Basic Concerns.

Nature of Sound.

Sound and Hearing.

Room Acoustics.

Sound and Noise Control.

Control of Airborne Noise.

Control of Impact Structure-Borne Noise.

Case Studies: Building Design Situations.




Study Aids.