Introduction to Digital Systems
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More About This Title Introduction to Digital Systems


A basic grounding in one of today's quickly evolving technologies. To gain one's bearing in the whirlwind of rapid development in the digital theory arena, getting a firm grasp of the basics is vital. This book provides a solid foundation in the elements of basic digital electronic and switching theory. Down to earth, yet scholarly in approach, it builds on theory with discussions of real-world digital components, design methodologies, and tools. A companion Web site provides additional information.


Specification of Combinational Systems.

Combinational ICs: Characteristics and Capabilities.

Description and Analysis of Gate Networks.

Design of Gate Networks.

Specification of Sequential Systems.

Sequential Networks.

Standard Combinational Modules.

Arithmetic Combinational Modules and Networks.

Standard Sequential Modules.

Programmable Modules.

Algorithms and Algorithmic Systems.

Implementation of Algorithmic Systems.

Specification and Implementation of a Microcomputer.

Boolean Algebras.

Specification Language for Digital Systems.