Fundamentals of Turfgrass and AgriculturalChemistry
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So you're ready to spread some fertilizer or perhaps spray some pesticide. Are you using the right chemical for the job? Are you using it in the right way? Are you breaking any environmental regulations? The knowledge level required of turf and agricultural managers when applying chemicals to a variety of sites today is constantly rising. But this book can help you meet the challenge. Written in non-technical language for the practicing manager, it conveys a basic understanding and working knowledge of fundamental chemical properties that relate to daily turfgrass and agricultural management. It gives you the practical knowledge you need to successfully and safely tackle the problem at hand. Complete, up-to-date information provided by two experts in the field cover the subject from A to Z, including new products, regulations, and management techniques.


L. B. McCARTY, PhD, is Professor of Horticulture specializing in turfgrass science and management at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. During his career, he oversaw the design and construction of "The Envirotron," the state-of-the-art research and education turfgrass facility at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he served as a turfgrass specialist. He has published more than 300 articles dealing with all phases of turfgrass management and has given more than 500 presentations on the subject.
IAN R. RODRIGUEZ is a PhD candidate in the Department of Horticulture at Clemson University.
B. TODD BUNNELL is a graduate research assistant pursuing a PhD in plant physiology (with turfgrass emphasis) at Clemson University. He has published numerous articles and presented research findings at conferences worldwide.
F. CLINT WALTZ is Assistant Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences at the University of Georgia in Griffin. He has worked in golf course maintenance for more than two years at the Augusta National Golf Club.





Fundamentals of Chemistry.

Chemical Properties and Analysis of Water.

Organic Compounds and Their Chemistry.

Plant Biochemistry.

Soil Chemistry Properties.

Plant Nutrition and Turf Fertilizers.

Plant Tissue and Soil Testing.

Pesticide Chemistry and Fate in the Environment.

Appendix A: Electron (Orbital) Pairs.

Appendix B: Naming Inorganic Compounds.

Appendix C: The Metric System.

Appendix D: Unit Analysis.

Appendix E: Conjugate Acids and Bases.




Periodic Table.