Routing the Golf Course: The Art & Science that Forms the Golf Journey
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More About This Title Routing the Golf Course: The Art & Science that Forms the Golf Journey


Filled with advice, tips, strategies, and problem-solving techniques from some of the leading figures in golf architecture, Routing the Golf Course provides unique insight into the most essential phase of designing a golf course. Coverage includes material on all aspects of planning a golf course such as site evaluation; environmental conditions; programming; and financial, psychological, and strategic game considerations. This nuts-and-bolts information is balanced with anecdotal, real-life experiences from guest essayists such as land planner Gil Martinez, environmental psychologist Dr. Edward Sadalla, and golf course architect Arthur Jack Snyder. Also featured is an interview with longtime professional golfer and broadcaster Peter Oosterhuis, who also provides the foreword.

This book is divided into four key parts. "The Opening" begins with a brief history of routing, including the influence of St. Andrews, and continues with insightful examinations of the components that make up different courses. "Making the Turn" contains chapters on essential routing information such as the "rules" of routing, safety considerations, and methods for fitting holes together. "The Heart of the Course" explores the hands-on process of creating routing plans and is enhanced with words of wisdom from renowned golf course architects Pete Dye, Jay Morrish, Dr. Michael Hurdzon, and many others. In the final section, "The Finish," coverage includes the use of GIS in routing, presenting routing plans, and design changes that may lie ahead for golf courses. A unique look at the Cypress Point Club rounds out the reading.


FORREST L. RICHARDSON, ASGCA, is a golf course architect and President of Forrest Richardson & Associates, a golf course design and planning firm in Phoenix, Arizona. For twenty years, he has evaluated sites for golf courses, created routing plans, and developed golf coures from blueprint to reality. His work has extended from the United States to Russia and from eighteen-hole layouts to small-scale remodeling projects.


Using this Book
1. The Opening
Hole 1 The Evolution of Golf Course Routing
Hole 2 The Influence of St. Andrews
Hole 3 Understanding Land & Climate
Hole 4 Types of Golf Courses
Hole 5 Parts of the Puzzle
Hole 6 Real Estate, the Almighty Influence
2. Making the Turn
Hole 7 The "Rules" of Routing
Hole 8 Safety Considerations
Hole 9 Fitting Holes Together
Hole 10 The Psychology of the Golf Journey (by Dr. Edward Sadallah)
3. The Heart of the Course
Hole 11 Programming and Site Evaluation
Hole 12 What Makes a Great Golf Course
(an interview with Peter Oosterhuis)
Hole 13 Walking the Land
Hole 14 Blank Canvas to Solution
Hole 15 Different Approaches
4. The Finish
Hole 16 Presenting Routing Plans
Hole 17 Never Assume Anything! (by Arthur Jack Snyder)
Hole 18 Lessons Learned from Cypress Point
Hole 19 Reflections on Routing
List of Sources


"expecting good things from Forrest Richardson...he is already the biggest name in Golf Course Architecture." (Golf Digest, November 2002)

"Casual writing style that keeps the reader engaged, and he generously sprinkles anecdotes drawn from professional experiences throughout the book." (Landscape Architecture, May 2003)