Handbook of Clinical Family Therapy
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The latest theory, research, and practice information for family therapy

The last twenty years have seen an explosion of new, innovative, and empirically supported therapeutic approaches for treating families. Mental health professionals working with families today apply a wide range of approaches to a variety of situations and clients using techniques based on their clinically and empirically proven effectiveness, their focus on specific individual and relational disorders, their applicability in various contexts, and their prominence in the field.

In this accessible and comprehensive text, each chapter covers specific problems, the theoretical and practical elements of the treatment approach, recommended intervention strategies, special considerations, supporting research, and clinical examples. The contributors provide step-by-step guidelines for implementing the approaches described and discuss particular issues that arise in different couple, family, and cultural contexts.

Handbook of Clinical Family Therapy covers treatment strategies for the most common problems encountered in family therapy, including:

  • Domestic violence
  • Adolescent defiance, anxiety, and depression
  • Trauma-induced problems
  • Stepfamily conflicts
  • ADHD disruption
  • Substance abuse in adults and adolescents
  • Couple conflict and divorce
  • Chronic illness

A detailed reference for today's best treatment strategies, the Handbook of Clinical Family Therapy brings together the top practitioners and scholars to produce an innovative and user-friendly guide for clinicians and students alike.


JAY L. LEBOW is Senior Faculty Member at the Family Institute at Northwestern University and Adjunct Associate Professor at Northwestern University. He is past president of the APA's Division 43 (Family Psychology), an approved supervisor of AAMFT, and a former board member of the American Family Therapy Academy and American Board of Family Psychology.


Contributors xi

Preface xv

1 Family Therapy at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century 1
Jay L. Lebow

PART I Problems in Children and Adolescents

2 Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Depressed and Anxious Adolescents 17
Guy S. Diamond

3 Family Therapy for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 42
Karen C. Wells

4 Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Adolescents with Behavior Problems 73
viana E. Horigian, Lourdes Suarez-Morales, Michael S. Robbins, Mónica Zarate, Carla C. Mayorga, Victoria B. Mitrani, and José Szapocznik

5 Multisystemic Therapy for Adolescents with Serious Externalizing Problems 103
Sonja K. Schoenwald and Scott W. Henggeler

6 Multidimensional Family Therapy: A Science-Based Treatment for Adolescent Drug Abuse 128
Howard A. Liddle, Rosemarie A. Rodriguez, Gayle A. Dakof, Elda Kanzki, and Francoise A. Marvel

7 Functional Family Therapy for Externalizing Disorders in Adolescents 164
Thomas L. Sexton and James F. Alexander

PART II Problems in Adults

8 Psychoeducational Multifamily Groups for Families with Persons with Severe Mental Illness 195
William R. McFarlane

9 Optimizing Couple and Parenting Interventions to Address Adult Depression 228
Maya Gupta, Steven R. H. Beach, and James C. Coyne

10 Couples Therapy for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse 251
Gary R. Birchler, William Fals-Stewart, and Timothy J. O’Farrell

11 Making Treatment Count: Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Clinical Work with Problem Drinkers 281
Scott D. Miller, David Mee-Lee, William Plum, and Mark A. Hubble

12 Family Therapy: Working with Traumatized Families 309
Michael Barnes and Charles R. Figley

PART III Couple Relationship Difficulties

13 Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy 329
Brian Baucom, Andrew Christensen, and Jean C. Yi

14 Brief Integrative Marital Therapy: An Interpersonal-Intrapsychic Approach 353
Alan S. Gurman

15 Creating Secure Connections: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 384
Scott R. Woolley and Susan M. Johnson

16 Domestic Violence-Focused Couples Treatment 406
Sandra M. Stith, Eric E. McCollum, Karen H. Rosen, Lisa D. Locke, and Peter D. Goldberg

17 Treating Affair Couples: An Integrative Approach 431
Donald H. Baucom, Kristina C. Gordon, and Douglas K. Snyder

18 Couple Sex Therapy: Assessment, Treatment, and Relapse Prevention 464
Barry W. McCarthy and L. Elizabeth Bodnar

PART IV Relationship Difficulties in Families

19 Family Therapy with Stepfamilies 497
James H. Bray

20 Integrative Family Therapy for Families Experiencing High-Conflict Divorce 516
Jay L. Lebow

21 Differentiation and Dialogue in Intergenerational Relationships 543
Mona DeKoven Fishbane

22 An Integrative Approach to Health and Illness in Family Therapy 569
Anthony R. Pisani and Susan H. McDaniel

23 Families in Later Life: Issues, Challenges, and Therapeutic Responses 591
Dorothy S. Becvar

Author Index 611

Subject Index 621


"Without a doubt, Lebow's text should become the family clinician's primary 'ready-reference' office study guide for current individual, couple and family related clinical problems, as well as-if it has not already-become the preeminent undergraduate/graduate text of the day for therapists-in-training."
—Doug Greenlee MA/MS (Journal of Marital and Family Therapy)