Creating and Capturing Value: Perspectives and Cases on Electronic Commerce
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More About This Title Creating and Capturing Value: Perspectives and Cases on Electronic Commerce


The Stanford cases are written from the perspective of Silicon Valley, the heart of the e-commerce revolution.
* Authors are very involved in e-commerce companies, providing exceptional real world application and relevance.


Garth Saloner is the Jeffrey S. Skoll Professor of Electronic Commerce, Strategic Management, and Economics at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where he headed the Strategic Management group through the 1990's and where he now directs the Center for Electronic Business and Commerce.

A. Michael Spence was awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics. He is Professor Emeritus of Management in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University where he served as dean throughout the 1990's. He is also a partner at Oak Hill Venture Partners. Prior to joining Stanford, Spence served as Professor of Economics and Business Administration and Dean of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.




Chapter 1. Technological Drivers of Change.

Chapter 2. Creating Value: Economics of Internet-Based Commerce.

Chapter 3. Capturing Value: Market Structure and Competition.

Chapter 4. Creating and Capturing Value in the Supply Chain.


Overview of the Cases.

Section 1. Technology and Logistics.

ERP Overview.

SAP and the Online-Procurement Market.

Siebel Systems, Inc.

QRS Corporation.

AOL: The Emergence of an Internet Media Company.

Webvan: The New and Improved Milkman.

Section 2. Markets and Channels.

Online Auctions.

E-Markets 2000.

Pricing and Branding on the Internet.

Nike--Channel Conflict.

Disintermediation in the U.S. Auto Industry.

Section 3. Strategy and Organization.

E-Commerce Building Blocks.

Karen Brown.


HP E-Services.Solutions.

Cisco Systems: A Novel Approach to Structuring Entrepreneurial Ventures.


Section 4. Public Policy Issues.

DoubleClick and Internet Privacy.

eBay and Database Protection.

Internet Taxation.