Trees in the Urban Landscape: Site Assessment, Design, and Installation
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More About This Title Trees in the Urban Landscape: Site Assessment, Design, and Installation


This hands-on guidebook provides practical, applied information on design considerations, site planning and understand-ing, plant selection, installation, and maintenance of trees in challenging urban environments.


PETER J. TROWBRIDGE, MLA, is Professor of Landscape Architecture at Cornell University. He is a fellow of the ASLA, Chair of the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board, and has won numerous awards for his design work.

NINA L. BASSUK, PhD, is Professor of Horticulture and Program Leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University.



Chapter 1. Doing it Right from the Start: Successful Urban Plant Establishment.

What Went Wrong?

Think Like a Tree: A Rational Process for Successful Plant Establishment.

Back to Basics.

A Process of Plant Establishment.

Right Plant/Right Place/No Place.

Nature or Nurture.

Coming Full Circle.

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Chapter 2. Site Assessment and Analysis: An Overview.

Above-Grade Factors.

Belowground Factors.

Decision Making Based on Site Assessment.

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Chapter 3. Modification of Soils.

Background: Issues for Soil Modification.

Soils Under Pavements: Structural Soils.

Soil Volume Calculations.

Spatial Configuration of the Planting Area.

Surface Treatment over the Rooting Zone.

Ameliorating the Effects of Grade Changes.

Drainage Principles and Techniques.

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Chapter 4. Plant Selection.

What Functions Do Plants Serve in the Urban Environment?

How Do We Begin Matching the Plant to the Site?

Current Strategies.

The Case for Visual Uniformity.

The Case for Species Diversity.

A Solution.

Recommended Groups of Visually Compatible Trees.

Selecting and Using a Plant Group.

Additional Recommended Tree Groups.

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Chapter 5. Transplanting and Initial Care in the Landscape.

Plant Quality and Nursery Production Practices.

Methods of Production and Harvest.

Some Trees Are More Difficult to Transplant Successfully Than Others.

Tree Size.

The Process of Handling and Storage.

Planting Procedure.

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Chapter 6. Site Preservation and Management.

Appendix I: Tree and Large Shrub Tolerance of Varying Soil Moisture, Soil pH, and Salt Conditions.

Appendix II: Model Soil Specifications.

Appendix III: Model Landscape/Planting Specification.



"...of considerable interest for designers, managers, operators, teachers and for practitioners, too...the perfect reference for addressing the complex issues involved in city greening."  (Advances in Horticultural Science, Vol.2, 2005)