Handbook of Innovative Therapy, Second Edition
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More About This Title Handbook of Innovative Therapy, Second Edition


Dr. Raymond J. Corsini is a recognized authority on new and innovative therapy techniques, and the first edition of the Handbook of Innovative Therapy is the leading manual in the field. Since its publication, many new and compelling techniques have been introduced.


Partial table of contents:Actualizing Therapy.

Allo-Centered Psychotherapy.

Brief Psychodynamic.

Brief Therapies.

Covert Conditioning.

Crisis Management.

Direct Psychoanalysis.

Experiential Therapy.

Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing.

Healing the Divided Self.

Holistic Education.

Integrity Groups.

Interpersonal Process Recall.

Morita Psychotherapy.

Multiple Impact Training.

Primal Therapy.

Primary Relationship Therapy.

Psychoimagination Therapy.


Social Influence Therapy.

Solution Focused Therapy.

Twenty-Four Hour Therapy.

Verbal Behavior Therapy.


"..the book is inclusive, optimistic and unconditional in its regard across the range of therapies presented..." (The Psychologist, 1 December 2001)

"This is a remarkable book in several ways." (Contemporary Psychology, Feb 2002)