Digital Signal and Image Processing
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More About This Title Digital Signal and Image Processing


Introducing the first text to integrate the topics of digital signal processing (DSP), digital image processing (DIP), and adaptive signal processing (ASP)! Digital Signal and Image Processing helps students develop a well-rounded understanding of these key areas by focusing on fundamental concepts, mathematical foundations, and advanced algorithms.
The presentation is mathematically thorough with clear explanations, numerous examples, illustrations, and applications. In addition to problems, MATLAB-based computer projects are assigned at the end of each chapter, making this book ideal for laboratory-based courses.


Dr. Tamal Bose serves as Professor and Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is also the Director of a multi-university NSF Center called the Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center - BWAC .


Chapter 1. Fundamental Concepts.

Chapter 2. Fourier Analysis.

Chapter 3. Z-Transform and Digital Filters.

Chapter 4. Filter Design and Implementation.

Chapter 5. Multivariate Signal Processing.

Chapter 6. Finite-Wordlength Effects.

Chapter 7. Adaptive Signal Processing.

Chapter 8. Least-Squares Adaptive Algorithms.

Chapter 9. Linear Prediction.

Chapter 10. Image Processing Fundamentals.

Chapter 11. Image Compression and Coding.

Appendix. Concepts of Linear Algebra.